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Fourier Analysis of JGW (JG WENTWORTH CO-CL A)

JGW (JG WENTWORTH CO-CL A) appears to have interesting cyclic behaviour every (-79228162514264337593543950335*cosine), (-79228162514264337593543950335*cosine), and (-79228162514264337593543950335*cosine).

JGW (JG WENTWORTH CO-CL A) has an average price of .21 (topmost row, frequency = 0).

Click on the checkboxes shown on the right to see how the various frequencies contribute to the graph. Look for large magnitude coefficients (sine or cosine), as these are associated with frequencies which contribute most to the associated stock plot. If you find a large magnitude coefficient which dramatically changes the graph, look at the associated "Period" in weeks, as you may have found a significant recurring cycle for the stock of interest.

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Fourier Analysis

Using data from 6/17/2016 to 9/5/2017 for JGW (JG WENTWORTH CO-CL A), this program was able to calculate the following Fourier Series:
Sequence #Cosine Coefficients Sine Coefficients FrequenciesPeriod
0.21   0 
1.08   (1*2π)/77 weeks
2.08   (2*2π)/74 weeks
3.08   (3*2π)/72 weeks
4.08   (4*2π)/72 weeks
5.08   (5*2π)/71 weeks

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