Best Stocks to Sell in September

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in SeptemberHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1NVTPNOVT CORPORATIO59%390 January December
2VNRXVOLITIONRX LT15%278 June September
3XRTSPDR® S&P Retail ETF8%390 January November
4SPLKSplunk Inc8%271 January September
5RHDGFRETAIL HOLDINGS N.V7%390 February November
6NCLINORTH COAST LIFE IN7%372 January October
8AVEVFAVEVA Group Plc7%281 February September
9CDRCedar Realty Trust Inc7%912 November September
10NATRNature's Sunshine Products Inc7%418 March December
11SOCLGlobal X Social Media Index ETF6%293 January September
13DGBCXDreyfus Global Real Estate Securities Fund Clas6%459 February September
13CHLKFChina Mobile Communications Corp6%390 March September
15UBTProShares Ultra 20+ Year Treasury ETF6%388 March October
16CRPJFChina Resources Power Holdings Co Ltd6%279 February October
17REMYXRussell Emerging Markets Fund Class6%457 February September
18CROLCARROLL BANCORP IN6%298 April September
19GWREGuidewire Software Inc6%283 January November
19HWIFFHeartware International Inc.6%281 February October
21NMFCNew Mountain Finance Corporation5%319 January December
22HCCIHeritage-Crystal Clean Inc5%485 February September
23ELUXFElectrolux AB5%318 January May
24ZROZPIMCO 25+ Year Zero Coupon US Treasury Index Exchange-Traded Fund ETF5%399 March September
25RMRegional Management Corp5%274 May December
26IMPVImperva Inc5%294 May March
26XNHSXNeuberger Berman High Yield Strategies Fun5%457 January September
29UMICFUmicore SA5%470 January June
30MSMLXMatthews Asia Small Companie5%458 January September
31TYDDirexion Daily 7-10 Year Treasury Bull 3x Shares ETF5%428 March October
32HERXFHeroux-Devtek Inc5%390 January October
33BLHEFBaloise Holding AG5%339 January September
34MCCMedley Capital Corporation5%336 January December
35CBSICENTRAL BANCSHS (TX5%373 February October
36HMTLFHitachi Metals Ltd5%271 January September
37MITUYMitsui Chemicals5%339 April November
38IKTSFIntertek Group Plc5%390 January November
39MNTAMomenta Pharmaceuticals Inc4%679 March July
40GXSSXGoldman Sachs Satellite Strategies Pft Svc C4%461 January August
41ESALFEisai Co Ltd4%325 January August
41WAHSXWestern Asset High Yield Port Institutional Sel4%464 January September
41DAFLDU-ART FILM LABS IN4%376 January August
44TI-ATelecom Italia SpA4%716 February December
45XHQLXH&Q Life Sciences Investor4%291 January September
47DVDCFDavide Campari-Milano SpA4%325 January October
48CARBCarbonite Inc4%307 April December
48VUPPFVP Bank AG4%390 October September
50CCFCCCSB FINANCIAL COR4%390 February August
50KBRLFK-BRO LINEN IN4%281 March September
52COIHFCroda International Plc4%377 January September
53MSHLXMorgan Stanley Institutional F4%269 January December
54UCBAUnited Community Bancor4%587 March September
55HHDTXHancock Horizon Diversified International Fund4%456 January September
56WARFYWharf Holdings Ltd4%388 March October
57LRIIXLazard US Realty Incme Port I4%300 January September
57MSIXFMORNEAU SHEPHEL4%350 January September
59OFEDOconee Federal Financial Corp4%337 January December
59RLGYXRussell Global Equity Fund Class4%457 January December
61HHDAXHorizon Diversified International Fund Class4%456 January September
62CSLGXColumbia Active Portfolios Sel4%271 January December
63YDVLYADKIN VALLEY CO NE4%379 February December
63RLNAXRussell International Developed Markets Fund Cl4%460 January September
65HCSCXHc Capital TR The Insti Small Capitalization4%462 January September
66TCPCTCP Capital Corporation4%273 January November
67MHOVXMfs High Yield Opportunities F4%473 January September
67DEYCXDreyfus Large Cap Equity Fund Class4%459 January December
67RWOSPDR® Dow Jones Global Real Estate ETF4%475 January September
70PEMYXPutnam Emerging Markets Equity Fd -4%456 January September
70MHOUXMfs High Yield Opportunities Class R4%473 January September
72PEMMXPutnam Emerging Markets Equity Fd -4%456 January September
72CHBAFChiba Bank Ltd4%267 April November
72WMCWestern Asset Mortgage Capital Corp4%268 January December
72AACYXAlger Analyst Fund Class4%457 January December
76PURRXPrudential Global Real Estate Fund Class4%472 February September
76HHDCXHancock Horizon Diversified International Fund4%456 January September
78AHIFXAmerican High-Income TR Class F-2 Sh4%465 January September
79GGNPFGudang Garam Tbk4%390 January June
79WEIGFWEIR GROUP PL4%390 January October
81APHSXArtisan Small Cap Fund Institu4%269 January December
81PEMLXPutnam Emerging Markets Equity Fd -4%456 January September
83TTPTortoise Pipeline & Energy Fund4%296 January October
83ISTSPDR® S&P International Telecommunications Sector ETF4%466 February September
85RLNCXRussell International Developed Markets Fund Cl4%460 January September
86DFVQXDfa International Vector Equity Pt4%463 January August
87PRLBProto Labs Inc4%279 January July
87PEMAXPutnam Emerging Markets Equity Fd -4%456 January September
87SWKHSWK HLDGS COR4%390 March September
90AGIFXAlger Green Fund Class4%457 January December
90GULFWisdomTree Middle East Dividend Fund ETF4%467 January July
92HCIGXHc Capital TR The Institutional Growth Equity4%463 January September
93GRICohen & Steers Global Realty Majors ETF4%475 February September
94ADBCFADELAIDE BRIGHTON A4%281 January September
94MHOTXMfs High Yield Opportunities Class R4%473 January September
94ANSLFANSELL LTD ORD SH4%350 February September
94PEMBXPutnam Emerging Markets Equity Fd -4%456 January September
98VEDIXVanguard Extended Duration Treasury Index Fund4%500 February December
99AGFCXAlger Green Fund Class4%457 January December
99PEMZXPutnam Emerging Markets Equity Fd -4%456 January September
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)