Best Stocks to Sell in August

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in AugustHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1NCNBNO CALIF NATL BK(CA7%412 March August
2PARAPREMARA FINANCIA7%330 February September
3BOLBBOL BANCSHARES IN6%885 February September
4NATRNature's Sunshine Products Inc5%422 March December
5UBTProShares Ultra 20+ Year Treasury ETF5%392 March October
6LRIOXLazard US Realty Incme Port O5%469 January August
7NTDMFNTT Docomo Inc5%456 February August
9KGDIXDws Global Small Cap Growth Fund Institutiona5%465 January September
10UWHRUWHARRIE CAP COR5%916 February June
12MLPNXSteelpath MLP Alpha Plus Fd C5%291 January August
13NFFFXNew World Fund Inc. Class F-2 Shs5%469 January August
15MLPLXSteelpath MLP Alpha Plus Fd C5%291 January August
16AMIGFAdmiral Group Plc5%550 January July
17MLPMXSteelpath MLP Alpha Plus Fd C5%291 January August
18ZROZPIMCO 25+ Year Zero Coupon US Treasury Index Exchange-Traded Fund ETF4%403 March September
19HOLHFHOEGH LNG HOLDING4%286 April September
20PUTRFPTT Public Company Ltd4%497 January August
21NEXOFNexon Co Ltd4%293 February July
23CORRCorEnergy Infrastructure Trust4%547 December July
23AVIVFAdvanced Info Service Plc4%359 January December
25TNHPFTechnip SA4%519 January October
26NMCTXNuveen Nwq Multi-Cap Value Fund Class R4%469 January August
26EGLEngility Holdings Inc4%262 April November
26LDKBLANDMARK BANCORP P4%455 February October
29SWMAFSwedish Match AB4%523 January September
30LWCLLWCL4%312 April December
31HCSCXHc Capital TR The Insti Small Capitalization4%466 January September
32WAHSXWestern Asset High Yield Port Institutional Sel4%468 January September
32AEMPXAllianz Nacm Emerging Markets Opportunites Fun4%472 January July
34NTVTXNuveen Tradewinds Value Opportunities Fund Clas4%469 January August
35SFRGFSalvatore Ferragamo SpA4%308 January May
35JDEZXPrudential Jennison Equity Incme Fund Class4%466 January December
37JMPLFJohnson Matthey Plc4%516 February August
38HDVTXThe Hartford Diversified International Fund Cla4%473 January July
39RWOSPDR® Dow Jones Global Real Estate ETF4%479 January September
40GRICohen & Steers Global Realty Majors ETF4%479 February September
41ACAQXAmerican Century All Cap Growt4%304 January November
41APHQXArtisan Mid Cap Value Fd Inst4%286 January November
41ACAJXAmerican Century All Cap Growt4%304 January November
44ACAHXAmerican Century All Cap Growt4%304 January November
44ACAWXAmerican Century All Cap Growt4%304 January November
46HDVYXHDVYX4%473 January July
47NTITXNuveen Tradewinds International Value Fund Clas4%469 January August
48HDVIXThe Hartford Diversified International Fund Cla4%473 January July
49CROLCARROLL BANCORP IN4%302 February September
50TYDDirexion Daily 7-10 Year Treasury Bull 3x Shares ETF4%432 March October
51LBLCFLoblaw Companies Ltd4%557 February August
52WGIFXCapital World Growth and Income Fund3%469 January August
52HDVAXThe Hartford Diversified International Fund Cla3%473 January July
52IHYIXING High Yield Bond Fund Cl3%469 January September
52ISTSPDR® S&P International Telecommunications Sector ETF3%470 February September
56CNWIXCNWIX3%466 January August
56AEPFXEuropacific Growth Fund Class F-2 Sh3%469 January August
58REGIRenewable Energy Group Inc3%288 January June
58CLIMack-Cali Realty Corporation3%916 February September
60CNWGXCalamos New World Growth Fund Class3%466 January August
61CNWRXCalamos New World Growth Fund Class3%466 January August
61HDVBXThe Hartford Diversified International Fund Cla3%473 January July
63CNWDXCalamos New World Growth Fund Class3%466 January August
63MSIXFMORNEAU SHEPHEL3%354 January September
65IPDSPDR® S&P International Consumer Discretionary Sector ETF3%470 January July
65PEOAXPimco Realretirement 2040 Fd Admin C3%473 January August
67MGDDFMichelin Compagnie Generale3%522 January October
68IRYSPDR® S&P International Health Care Sector ETF3%470 January July
69ASBRFAsahi Group Holdings Ltd3%519 April December
70HMTLFHitachi Metals Ltd3%504 January September
70IPNSPDR® S&P International Industrial Sector ETF3%470 January July
72BRIDBridgford Foods Corporation3%916 March July
73FLPKXFidelity Low-Priced Stock Fund Class3%481 January May
74SAREXSa Real Estate Securities Fun3%499 February September
75ARFCFALARMFORCE INDS IN3%523 January September
76BHEBenchmark Electronics Inc3%916 May August
77WEINWEST END INDIAN3%289 January December
78CAIFXCapital Income Builder Cl F-2 Shs3%469 January August
78LDiPath® Bloomberg Lead Subindex Total Return ETN3%474 May September
78MHOTXMfs High Yield Opportunities Class R3%477 January September
81RRDRR Donnelley & Sons Company3%916 March August
82TNEYXInvesco Balanced-Risk Retirement 2050 Fund Clas3%460 January October
83GRETXGoldman Sachs Real Estate Securities Fd Cl I3%499 February September
84SSEAXSei Insti Inv TR Screened World Equity Ex-US F3%473 January July
84MHOSXMfs High Yield Opportunities Class R3%477 January September
84GRERXGoldman Sachs Real Estate Securities Fd Cl3%499 February September
87MHORXMfs High Yield Opportunities Class R3%477 January September
87TURiShares MSCI Turkey ETF3%487 February July
89TNEIXInvesco Balanced-Risk Retirement 2050 Fund Inst3%547 January September
90UIIFXUsaa International Fd Insti Sh3%469 January August
91RREAXRussell Real Estate Securities Class3%499 February September
91HMLNHAMLIN BK & TR (PA3%916 January August
93TNEAXInvesco Balanced-Risk Retirement 2050 Fund Clas3%547 January August
93ANWFXNew Perspective Fund Class F-2 Shares3%469 January August
95NAPOXING International Smallcap Multi-Manager Fund3%477 January July
96FOCWXSunamerica Focused Alpha Growt3%287 January November
97ECHOEcho Global Logistics Inc3%408 February December
98IHIFXFederated International High Incme Fund -3%529 February August
98EWXSPDR® S&P Emerging Markets Small Cap ETF3%479 January May
100TNDYXInvesco Balanced-Risk Retirement 2040 Fund Clas3%460 January October
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)