Best Stocks to Sell in December

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in DecemberHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1NVTPNOVT CORPORATIO60%390 January December
2ACVUXAmerican Century International Value Fund Insti19%586 February December
3WDFNWOODLANDS FINL SVC16%390 February December
4ACEVXAmerican Century International Value Fund Inves16%586 February December
5FFFutureFuel Corp14%327 August December
6BSFTBroadSoft Inc14%367 July December
7HMSTHomeStreet Inc14%281 February December
8RPRealPage Inc13%359 August December
9CIACitizens Inc12%912 May December
10TRSTTrustCo Bank Corp11%912 February December
11FBNKFirst Connecticut Bancorp Inc11%313 January December
12GILIXGuggenheim Large Cap Core Inst11%278 January December
13FAKSXFrost Mid Cap Equity Fd Cl A S11%280 January December
14TSOCXTouchstone Small Cap Value Opp11%272 January December
15JDSNXPerkins Small Cap Value Fund11%265 January December
16RHDGFRETAIL HOLDINGS N.V11%390 February November
17ACVRXAmerican Century International Value Fund Clas11%586 February December
18NATRNature's Sunshine Products Inc10%418 March December
19CBCZCOMUNIBANC COR10%390 January December
20NWSIXNationwide Small Company Growt10%286 January December
21WMCWestern Asset Mortgage Capital Corp10%268 January December
22GHDXGenomic Health Inc10%613 May December
23PSXPhillips 6610%272 January December
24WEBKWellesley Bancorp In9%283 January December
25ADDCADDMASTER COR9%390 October December
26RPMIXRoyce Pennsylvania Mutual Fd I9%317 January December
27NMFCNew Mountain Finance Corporation9%319 January December
28GBDCGolub Capital BDC Inc9%376 January December
29MITEFMitsubishi Estate Co Ltd9%390 June November
30FMCRXFederated Mid-Cap Index Fd Is9%286 January December
31ADFJFADF GROUP IN9%267 March December
32MFPIXMorgan Stanley Institutional F9%287 January December
33CARBCarbonite Inc9%307 April December
34CAAIXAriel Appreciation Fd Instl C9%287 January December
35JVTNXJanus Venture Fund N Share9%265 January December
36AOMCXAlphaone Micro Cap Equity Fd C8%325 January December
37BRSMXBridgeway Small-Cap Momentum F8%370 January December
38MFPLXMorgan Stanley Institutional F8%287 January December
39ARAIXAriel Fund Instl C8%287 January December
40AOMAXAlphaone Micro Cap Equity Fd I8%325 January December
41PSCIPowerShares S&P SmallCap Industrials Portfolio ETF8%377 January December
42LMBMXLegg Mason Batterymarch US Sma8%275 February December
43LMRIXLegg Mason Barrett Financial Services Fund Clas8%390 January December
44SCNSXWfa Fund Institu8%361 January December
44DGICADonegal Group Inc8%730 July December
46LMOSLumos Networks Corp8%295 April December
46BELFBBel Fuse Inc8%912 April December
48SCSDXWfa Fund Adminst8%361 January December
49THBIXThomson Horstmann & Bryant Mic8%274 January December
50SBFAXLegg Mason Barrett Financial Services Fund Cl8%390 January December
51CHIMXChase Mid-Cap Growth Fd Inst C8%282 January December
52JPFAXJP Morgan Equity Focus Fd Cl8%307 January December
53TBNKTerritorial Bancorp Inc8%415 January December
54TPCATROPICANA ENTMT IN8%345 August December
55BOSVXBridgeway Omni Small Cap Valu8%304 January December
56SFSLXLegg Mason Barrett Financial Services Fd Cl8%390 January December
57JPFSXJpmorgan Equity Focus Fd Selec8%309 January December
57SLRCSolar Capital Ltd8%385 February December
59ESPNXWfa Special Small Cap Value Fu8%361 January December
60MFPHXMorgan Stanley Institutional F8%287 February December
60PSCFPowerShares S&P SmallCap Financials Portfolio ETF8%377 January December
62OFAAXO'Shaughnessey All Cap Core Fund Class8%358 January December
63ISCTXING Smallcap Opportunities Portfolio Cl S8%435 February December
63CIDUXColumbia Small Cap Index Fund8%329 January December
65JVTCXJanus Venture Fd C Sh8%321 January December
65VSFIXFederated Clover Small Value Fund Class I8%432 January December
67TCRDTHL Credit Inc8%375 January December
68XYLXylem Inc8%298 January December
69LMNRLimoneira Company8%716 February December
70ACCOXAmerican Century International Value Fund Clas8%586 February December
71SHLRFSchindler Holding AG8%390 January December
72TDVFXTowle Deep Value Fun8%295 January December
72PSCUPowerShares S&P SmallCap Utilities Portfolio ETF8%377 January December
74JPFCXJpmorgan Equity Focus Fd Cl8%307 February December
75ALSNAllison Transmission Holdings Inc8%276 January December
77BVEIXBecker Value Equity Fund Inst8%304 January December
77ICVPXING Columbia Small Cap Value Portfolio Cl S8%435 February December
79MGUIXMirae Asset Global Great Consu7%282 January December
79AZSCXAmerican Beacon Zebra Small Ca7%356 January December
81MVSSXMunder Veractiy Small-Cap Valu7%265 January December
82THBVXThomson Horstmann & Bryant Mic7%274 May December
83ABSAXAmerican Beacon Small Cap Valu7%371 January December
83STBZState Bank Financial Corporation7%335 August December
85MGUAXMirae Asset Global Great Consu7%282 January December
86FSOFXFidelity Series Small Cap Opportunities Fund C7%418 January December
87BLMTBSB Bancorp Inc7%299 January December
88VLYValley National Bancorp7%912 February December
89BCSSXBrown Capital Management Smal7%289 January December
90ADAFXAlpine Dynamic Financial Servi7%287 January December
90SUWTXDws Core Equity Fund Class7%269 January December
90JRANXJanus Research Fund N Share7%265 January December
90ISOPXING Smallcap Opportunities Ptf Adv Clas7%449 January December
94JGMNXJanus Triton Fund N Share7%265 January December
96JMCRXJames Micro Cap Fun7%364 August December
97JCVSXJohn Hancock Classic Value Fd7%278 January December
97PJCPiper Jaffray Companies7%704 July December
99EVEREverBank Financial Corp7%269 February December
99RMRegional Management Corp7%274 May December
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)