Best Stocks to Sell in January

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in JanuaryHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1ANGOAngioDynamics Inc8%682 April January
2VNRXVOLITIONRX LT7%278 June September
3ADDCADDMASTER COR6%390 October December
4BKRLBANK REALE (WA6%389 August January
6LMOSLumos Networks Corp5%295 April December
7MGMistras Group Inc4%403 September December
8RMRegional Management Corp4%274 May December
9RPRealPage Inc4%359 August December
10GMGeneral Motors Company4%345 August December
12PJCPiper Jaffray Companies4%704 July December
13MTLHFMitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp3%374 October December
14AVAVAeroVironment Inc3%544 September December
15SNCAFSNC-Lavalin Group Inc3%368 March January
16IMPVImperva Inc3%294 May March
17MPFRFMapfre SA3%390 September April
18MAUSYMatsui Securities Co. Ltd.3%390 August December
19TRKSpeedway Motorsports Inc3%912 October December
20BELFABel Fuse Inc3%912 March December
21KELYBKelly Services Inc3%912 August April
22SBFFYSBM Offshore N.V.3%429 July March
23BRBWBRUNSWICK BANCOR3%912 October January
24BELFBBel Fuse Inc3%912 April December
26FUJIYFUJIFILM Holdings Corporation3%912 October January
27NSRNeustar Inc2%626 June December
29RYSBXRydex Series Fds Strengthening Dollar 2X Strat2%631 September February
30RYSDXRydex Series Fds Strengthening Dollar 2X2%631 September February
31EGDCYEnergy Development Corporation2%339 September April
32CIACitizens Inc2%912 May December
33IGNiShares North American Tech-Multimedia Networking ETF2%826 July December
34NINOYNikon Corporation2%388 August May
35KWHIYKawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.2%374 August April
35EBKDYErste Group Bank AG2%390 September April
37SIFISI Financial Group Inc2%665 October December
37MNTAMomenta Pharmaceuticals Inc2%679 March July
39GMSCXGoldman Sachs Managed Futures2%278 October February
40AMDEXAmidex35 Mutual Fun2%912 September April
41GHDXGenomic Health Inc1%613 May December
41SCHLScholastic Corporation1%912 April December
43GFFRXGoldman Sachs Managed Futures1%278 October January
44GTSTriple-S Management Corporation1%499 October July
45VIVEFVivendi SA1%390 May October
46FCGCXFidelity Advisor Global Commodity Stock Fund Cl1%431 June February
47LPLALPL Financial Holdings Inc1%345 September December
48GMSAXGoldman Sachs Managed Futures1%278 October January
49PFBXPeoples Financial Corporatio1%912 November July
50SESMFSuss MicroTec AG1%381 September May
51GFIRXGoldman Sachs Managed Futures1%278 October January
52FFGTXFidelity Advisor Global Commodity Stock Fund Cl1%431 June February
52FDMCXFidelity Advisor Communications Equipment Cl1%861 August December
54GMSSXGoldman Sachs Managed Futures1%278 October January
55DRRMarket Vectors Double Short Euro ETN1%475 June November
56RDPIXRising US Dollar Profund Investor1%645 August January
56PSKCXVirtus Mid-Cap Growth Fund Class1%861 October May
58MAAIXMerk Absolute Return Currency Fund - Insti Sh1%378 November January
59FFGAXFidelity Advisor Global Commodity Stock Fund Cl1%431 June February
60CMSQFComputershare Ltd1%390 August April
61TYOBYToyobo Co.1%390 September March
62JEJust Energy Group Inc1%442 June April
62MFTAXAltegris Managed Futures Strat1%357 October February
65FDMTXFidelity Advisor Communications Equip[Ment Cl1%861 August December
66FFGCXFidelity¬ģ¬†Global Commodity Stock Fund 1%431 June February
67FFGIXFidelity Advisor Global Commodity Stock Fund Cl1%431 June February
67LPLLG Display Co Ltd1%675 October April
69NHHEYNH Hoteles S.A.1%388 July April
70MFTIXAltegris Managed Futures Strat1%356 October February
71DRXIXDimensional Retirement Fixed I1%277 December April
72FDMAXFidelity Advisor Communications Equipment Cl1%861 August December
73IDJIXING DOW Jones Euro Stoxx 50 Index Ptf Class1%410 August March
74AQMNXAqr Managed Futures Strategy Fund Class1%390 October December
75ATEYXAlliancebernstein Global Themaic Growth Fund I1%912 October May
76HBCYFHSBC Holdings Plc1%437 March November
77IDJAXING DOW Jones Euro Stoxx 50 Index Portfolio Ad1%410 August March
77TGFRXTanaka Growth Fund Class1%912 October April
79AQMIXAqr Managed Futures Strategy Fund Class1%390 October December
80UUPPowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund ETF1%539 September December
81CHBAFChiba Bank Ltd1%267 April November
82THKUFTOLL HLDGS LT1%390 August March
83PHYSSprott Physical Gold Trust ETV1%383 December August
84HFBCHopFed Bancorp In1%912 September April
85EEAThe European Equity Fund%912 October May
86ZIJMYZijin Mining Group Co. Ltd.%288 July April
87RALSProShares RAFI Long/Short ETF%342 September March
88DDPPowerShares DB Commodity Short ETN%475 June December
89MMCRXMadison Mosaic Mid-Cap Fd Cl R%278 May March
90XPPProShares Ultra FTSE China 50 ETF%421 August April
91HAIGXHarbor International Growth Fund Insti C%912 October April
91PCITXPioneer International Value Fund Class%912 October May
93ETHEthan Allen Interiors Inc%912 June December
94GTCCXGamco Global Telecommunications Fund Class%904 February December
95SCRPFSembcorp Industries Ltd%382 September July
96PCRFFPanasonic Corporation%350 November June
97CPACCementos Pacasmayo SAA%279 August December
98PSGTYPT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk%374 September March
99HAHYXHartford High Yield Fd Cl%912 October May
100KELYAKelly Services Inc%912 September March
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)