Best Stocks to Buy in September

Best Stocks to in
RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in SeptemberHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1GBSNGreat Basin Scientific, Inc.-97%128 September January
2GOPH-74%124 August January
3AXXEAXXESS PHARMA, INC.-54%381 September January
4GASXDirexion Daily Natural Gas Rela-53%68 November January
5SWHISW INNOVATIVE HOLDIN-50%393 August February
7ILIVINTELLIGENT LIVING-49%416 December February
8TMSTMS International Corp. Class A-48%369 August March
9NEWCNEW COLOMBIA RESOURC-47%384 September January
10ECOBECO BUILDING PRODUCT-46%413 September April
11UVXYProShares Trust Ultra VIX Short-46%285 December January
12SPI-45%61 December January
13MWOGMIDWEST OIL & GAS IN-45%249 October December
14REDGRED GIANT ENTERTAIN-44%423 October April
15NDEV-43%219 May December
16HEMP-42%214 December February
17WNTRWORLDWIDE INTERNET-40%347 October January
18EDMCEDUCATION MANAGEMENT-40%390 September January
19DOMKDOMARK INTL INC-38%460 December January
20BCCIBARISTAS COFFEE CO-38%268 November April
22CXPOCrimson Exploration Inc.-37%1168 May April
23PGRXPROSPECT GBL RS CMN-37%313 November February
23GTSOGREEN TECH SOLUTIONS-37%616 December March
25SITSSOUTHERN ITS INTL IN-37%242 October April
26AMBSAMARANTUS BIOSCI INC-36%341 September January
27JDSTDirexion Daily Junior Gold Mine-36%181 August January
28NNANNATURALNANO INC-35%640 September January
29CHGTCHANGING TECH-35%140 December April
30BAYPBAYPORT INTERNATIONA-35%393 October February
31SNL-35%481 August December
32UOMOUOMO MEDIA INC-34%522 December April
33ACB-34%489 September December
34CALACalithera Biosciences, Inc.-34%129 August March
35NWTRNEW WESTN ENERGY COR-33%240 November January
36PPCHPROPANC HEALTH-32%219 December May
37UAHCUNITED AMER HEALTHCR-32%176 September December
38LOGGLIFELOGGER TECH-32%125 December March
39HRAAHEALTH REV ASSURN-31%234 November February
40ECTXECtel Ltd.-31%130 July February
41CRCCalifornia Resources Corporatio-31%123 September April
43TTTMT3 MOTION INC-30%363 September February
44GLCCGOOD LIFE CHINA CORP-29%982 December January
45BSCElements BG Small Cap ETN-29%893 June April
46CGC-28%688 September December
47BMSNBIO-MATRIX SCIENTIFI-28%601 December March
48GL-28%115 August March
49DIGIDIGITILITI INC.-27%358 November February
50LEXGLITHIUM EXPLORATION-27%382 October February
51DKAMDRINKS AMERICAS HLDG-27%977 October January
51DKAM.OBDRINKS AMERICAS HLDG-27%977 October January
53CBAICORD BLOOD AMERICA-27%634 December January
54TRTC-27%254 December January
55ARXAeroflex Holding Corp. Common S-27%898 September December
56BIOMBIOMIMIX, INC.-26%344 September November
57EKSOEKSO BIONICS HOLDING-26%166 September February
58SKYFSKY440 INC-26%877 October January
59NXTDNXT-ID Inc.-26%187 December January
60NEOMNEOMEDIA TECHS INC-26%1060 October March
61SVFCINTELLICELL BIOSCI-25%812 December March
62TVIXCredit Suisse AG-25%329 December January
63ERBBAMERICAN GREEN, INC-25%1073 December March
65MCETMULTICELL TECHS INC-25%898 December February
66VGTLVGTEL, INC.-24%318 December January
67CNCTCHINA TELETECH HOLD-24%514 December February
68VISNVisionChina Media, Inc.-24%485 September January
69HVU.TO-24%326 November January
70NETENet Element, Inc.-23%440 September October
72KGETKLEANGAS ENERGY TECH-23%1041 December February
73WQNIWQN INC-23%894 September February
74IMCLIMMUNOCLIN CORP-23%159 November February
75GEVOGevo, Inc.-23%319 December January
76AAMCAltisource Asset Management Cor-23%223 August December
77CFRICONFORCE INTL INC-22%393 November February
78GX-22%566 November April
80RGSEReal Goods Solar, Inc.-22%463 December January
81TAUGTAURIGA SCIENCES-22%745 December January
82ENVSENOVA SYSTEMS INC-21%898 November June
83CBISCANNABIS SCIENCE INC-21%1011 December January
84TLOG-21%171 November January
85DGAZVelocityShares 3X Inverse Natur-21%267 September April
85NDLS-21%195 December January
87VOYTVOYANT INTL CORP-21%1155 October February
88NLSTNetlist, Inc.-21%536 October February
89TNXPTonix Pharmaceuticals Holding C-20%254 November January
90IIGImergent, Inc. Common Stock-20%613 May April
91CAPNCapnia, Inc.-20%123 December April
92WFRMEMC Electronic Materials, Inc.-20%484 October January
93TGTXTG Therapeutics, Inc.-20%359 October February
94WYYWidePoint Corporation Common St-20%983 September March
95ATTAT&T Inc. Senior Note 6.375-20%600 September January
96MFSTMEDIFIRST SOLUTIONS-20%234 December February
97AAEHALL AMERICAN ENERGY-20%242 June February
98MCTHMEDICAL CONNECTIONS-20%635 December January
99VMRI-20%183 May December
100FREFREDDIE MAC-20%898 June April
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)

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