Best Stocks to Buy in August

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in AugustHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1IRWDIronwood Pharmaceuticals Inc-8%394 August March
2MGMistras Group Inc-7%411 August December
3WRTBFWartsila Corporation-7%421 September February
4SBKKSUNCREST BANK VISAL-6%461 September March
4CZNLCitizens National Corporation-6%876 August March
6KELYBKelly Services Inc-6%920 September April
7BLMNBloomin' Brands Inc-6%263 October June
8ACMTACMAT COR-5%902 August January
9DLAKFDeutsche Lufthansa AG-5%408 September March
10GMGeneral Motors Company-5%353 August December
11DEITFDEVRO INTL PLC ORD-5%437 August October
12BSFTBroadSoft Inc-4%375 July December
13CHUYChuy's Holdings Inc-4%265 August June
14RXNRexnord Corporation-4%282 October March
15RPRealPage Inc-4%367 September December
16USIIXUniversal Insti Fd Small Co Growth Cl I-4%747 August April
17LMOSLumos Networks Corp-4%303 April December
18EBRPFEBRO FOODS SA BARCE-4%403 August December
19LITGlobal X Lithium ETF-3%370 September April
20HLRDHILLIARD COR-3%464 August November
21SOHVFSUMITOMO HEAVY IND-3%443 March December
22BTCABACTOLAC PHARMACEUT-3%264 September December
23ALAir Lease Corporation-3%331 January April
25CMSQFComputershare Ltd-3%527 August April
25SCINColumbia India Small Cap ETF-3%372 December April
27JMCRXJames Micro Cap Fun-3%372 January December
28GSMGlobe Specialty Metals Inc-3%421 January March
29CUMDCounty First Bank-3%920 August April
29TGTredegar Corporation-3%920 October April
31BNTGFBrenntag AG-3%374 January July
32FXFAXThe FX Strategy Fund Class-3%316 August December
33IVR-P-AIVR-P-A-3%425 August March
34AMCXAMC Networks Inc-3%323 September March
35PSCIPowerShares S&P SmallCap Industrials Portfolio ETF-3%385 January December
36ASDOFANSALDO STS SP-3%578 August May
37NSCQXNuveen Nwq Small-Cap Value Fund Class R-3%412 January December
38ECNSiShares MSCI China Small-Cap ETF-3%360 September April
39STBZState Bank Financial Corporation-3%343 September December
39NWQRXNuveen Nwq Small-Mid Cap Value Fund Class R-3%412 January December
41DRRMarket Vectors Double Short Euro ETN-3%483 August November
42LBTSFALMIRALL S-3%314 January June
44IVR-P-BIVR-P-B-3%425 August March
45GMHLFGAM HOLDING AG NE-3%410 September April
46HDPCXHodges Pure Contrarian Fund Retail C-3%415 January December
47PSCMPowerShares S&P SmallCap Materials Portfolio ETF-2%385 January December
48ABSYXAmerican Beacon Small Cap Value Fund Y Clas-2%420 January December
48CMOVXCm Advisors Value Fun-2%331 August December
48XTNSPDR® S&P Transportation ETF-2%343 January December
51ALSNAllison Transmission Holdings Inc-2%284 January December
52FBNKFirst Connecticut Bancorp Inc-2%321 January December
53FSBCFSB COMMUNITY BNKS-2%521 February December
54INCZYINCZY-2%424 September March
55PIAIFPing An Insurance Group Co of China Ltd-2%528 February October
56DGICADonegal Group Inc-2%738 July December
56IGNiShares North American Tech-Multimedia Networking ETF-2%834 July December
58GMEDGlobus Medical Inc-2%264 January July
59CUSRXCullen Small Cap Value Fund Retail Clas-2%412 January December
60KIMTFKIA MOTORS CORP OR-2%391 February December
61WUSAXWanger US-2%920 October May
62SPSDXBB&T Sterling Small Cap Value Class-2%346 January December
62CNAFCommercial National Financial Corp-2%920 July May
64BCBPBCB Bancorp Inc-2%723 October December
65SPSRXBB&T Sterling Capital Small Value Class-2%346 January December
66MAGOYMAGOY-2%436 January October
67NINCXNeuberger Berman Instrinsic Value Class-2%380 January December
68NEE-P-RNEE-P-R-2%920 September July
69SHTDFSHTDF-2%405 July November
69SSLRXSeligman Smaller-Cap Value Fd Cl R-2%398 January December
71UBCPUnited Bancorp In-2%920 August December
72CPHCCanterbury Park Holding Corp-2%467 March May
73MSSYXManagers Frontier Small Cap Growth Fund Institu-2%398 January December
74NINAXNeuberger Berman Intrinsic Value Class-2%380 January December
74IDJIXING DOW Jones Euro Stoxx 50 Index Ptf Class-2%418 September April
76DGSMXDghm Small Cap Investor Class-2%373 January December
76SARDFSANFORD LTD ORD FG-2%521 September December
78EETProShares Ultra MSCI Emerging Markets ETF-2%429 June April
79MWTCYMWTCY-2%277 July October
80JCSOXJohn Hancock Fds III Small Company Fd Cl R-2%382 January December
80ABRUXAmerica First Absolute Return Fund Class-2%391 September April
82DGIVXDghm Small Cap I Class Fun-2%373 January December
82SGBAFSes Global SA-2%526 February April
82OFMIXO'Shaughnessey Small/Mid Cap Growth Fund Class-2%366 January December
85FDMTXFidelity Advisor Communications Equip[Ment Cl-2%869 August December
86KMI-P-AKMI-P-A-2%341 September December
87RHHBFRoche Holding AG-2%415 August May
88PSCDPowerShares S&P SmallCap Consumer Discretionary Portfolio ETF-2%385 January December
89PYSOXPutnam Equity Spectrum Fund B Shar-2%398 January November
89JCSFXJohn Hancock Fds III Small Company Fd Cl R-2%382 January December
89FDMAXFidelity Advisor Communications Equipment Cl-2%869 August December
92JCSHXJohn Hancock Fds III Small Company Fd Cl R-2%382 January December
92JCYGYJCYGY-2%415 January November
92WNEBWestern New England Bancorp Inc-2%799 June December
95PYSCXPutnam Equity Spectrum Fund C Shar-2%398 January November
96HMSTHomeStreet Inc-2%289 February December
97GOVGovernment Properties Inc-2%429 January April
98TSFCXTouchstone Small Cap Core Fund Class-2%412 January December
98MSSELMSSEL-2%522 March December
100CRZYCRAZY WOMAN CREE-2%920 September June
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)