Best Stocks to Buy in August

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in AugustHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1GOPH-77%130 August January
2MJTK-62%132 September January
3SWHISW INNOVATIVE HOLDIN-57%399 August February
4GASXDirexion Daily Natural Gas Rela-50%74 November January
5MWOGMIDWEST OIL & GAS IN-50%255 October December
6TMSTMS International Corp. Class A-49%375 August March
7UVXYProShares Trust Ultra VIX Short-43%291 December January
8ATLSAtlas Energy, L.P. Common Units-43%114 August February
9SMASymmetry Medical Inc.-42%494 August April
10PGRXPROSPECT GBL RS CMN-41%319 November February
11AXXEAXXESS PHARMA, INC.-40%387 September January
13EDMCEDUCATION MANAGEMENT-39%396 September January
14SPI-39%67 December January
15HGM-39%510 August September
16CXPOCrimson Exploration Inc.-38%1174 May April
17JDSTDirexion Daily Junior Gold Mine-38%187 August January
18BAYPBAYPORT INTERNATIONA-38%399 October February
19SNL-37%487 August December
20ILIVINTELLIGENT LIVING-36%422 December February
21TKAI-36%137 August May
22BSCElements BG Small Cap ETN-36%899 June April
23NDEV-36%225 May December
24CALACalithera Biosciences, Inc.-34%135 August March
25REDGRED GIANT ENTERTAIN-34%429 October January
26ASTAsterias Biotherapeutics, Inc. -33%145 August May
27HEMP-33%220 December February
28NEWCNEW COLOMBIA RESOURC-32%390 September January
29ACBFF-32%146 June November
30TVIXCredit Suisse AG-32%335 December January
31WNTRWORLDWIDE INTERNET-32%353 October January
32NEOMNEOMEDIA TECHS INC-32%1066 October March
33NWTRNEW WESTN ENERGY COR-32%246 November January
34HVU.TO-31%332 November January
36ECTXECtel Ltd.-30%136 July February
37LEXGLITHIUM EXPLORATION-30%388 October February
38IMCLIMMUNOCLIN CORP-30%165 November February
39NTEKNANOTECH ENTAINMT-30%399 August January
40HRAAHEALTH REV ASSURN-29%240 November February
40AMBSAMARANTUS BIOSCI INC-29%347 September January
42AAMCAltisource Asset Management Cor-28%229 August December
43EXMTANYTHING TECH MEDIA-27%983 December February
44BCCIBARISTAS COFFEE CO-27%274 November March
45GL-26%121 August April
46UOMOUOMO MEDIA INC-26%528 December April
46SKYFSKY440 INC-26%883 October January
48SPECSPECTRALCAST INC-26%141 August January
49PCRPERINI CP-26%355 July December
50STTXSTRATEX OIL & GAS-25%240 December April
513M-25%206 December April
52CRCCalifornia Resources Corporatio-25%129 September May
53ECOBECO BUILDING PRODUCT-25%419 September April
54ACB-25%495 September December
56GTSOGREEN TECH SOLUTIONS-25%622 December March
57MFSTMEDIFIRST SOLUTIONS-25%240 December February
58EKSOEKSO BIONICS HOLDING-24%172 September February
59NNANNATURALNANO INC-24%646 September January
60ARMARM Holdings plc-24%904 February March
61MCIGMCIG INC-23%230 June December
62VMRI-23%189 May December
63CFRICONFORCE INTL INC-23%399 November February
64GEQUGLOBAL EQUITY-23%225 April January
65TAUGTAURIGA SCIENCES-22%751 December January
66OGI.V-22%278 May November
67CBISCANNABIS SCIENCE INC-22%1017 December January
67STPSPDR MSCI Europe Materials UCIT-22%1082 November December
69CAPNCapnia, Inc.-21%129 December March
70SCYXSCYNEXIS, Inc.-21%157 August January
71PDHPetroLogistics LP Common Units -21%339 December May
72VGTLVGTEL, INC.-21%324 December January
73MJN.V-21%124 June November
74ARXAeroflex Holding Corp. Common S-21%904 September December
74WQNIWQN INC-21%900 September February
76DIGIDIGITILITI INC.-21%364 November February
77MCETMULTICELL TECHS INC-21%904 December February
78AAEHALL AMERICAN ENERGY-21%248 June February
79SVFCINTELLICELL BIOSCI-20%818 December March
80SUNWSunworks, Inc.-20%373 August January
81DKAMDRINKS AMERICAS HLDG-20%983 October January
81DKAM.OBDRINKS AMERICAS HLDG-20%983 October January
83DOMKDOMARK INTL INC-20%466 December January
84VRML-20%865 August January
85AERIAerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.-20%184 May December
86CBS.VBARD VENTURES LTD-19%1095 August January
87CNCTCHINA TELETECH HOLD-19%520 December February
88RESPRESPIRONICS INC-19%195 August November
89CANN-19%270 July October
90UNISUnilife Corporation-19%376 December February
91PRXMPROXIM WIRELESS CORP-19%900 November March
92PPCHPROPANC HEALTH-19%225 December May
93AVXTAVAX TECHS INC-19%1042 November February
94PVCTProvectus Biopharmaceuticals, I-19%1059 October June
95MSRT-19%108 August March
96DCTHDelcath Systems, Inc.-19%783 November January
97CREGChina Recycling Energy Corporat-19%645 August January
98APLLAPOLO GOLD & ENERGY-18%885 August February
99HTGM-18%104 December May
100WINSWins Finance Holdings Inc.-18%129 April December
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)