Best Stocks to Buy in August

Best Stocks to in
RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in AugustHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1GOPH-77%120 August January
2SWHISW INNOVATIVE HOLDIN-58%389 August February
3GBSNGreat Basin Scientific, Inc.-57%124 September January
4MWOGMIDWEST OIL & GAS IN-51%245 October December
5TMSTMS International Corp. Class A-50%365 August February
6GASXDirexion Daily Natural Gas Rela-49%64 November January
7UVXYProShares Trust Ultra VIX Short-43%281 December January
8ECIGELECTRONIC CIG INTL-43%193 December March
9ATLSAtlas Energy, L.P. Common Units-43%104 August April
10PGRXPROSPECT GBL RS CMN-42%309 November January
12AXXEAXXESS PHARMA, INC.-41%377 September January
13SPI-40%57 December January
14EDMCEDUCATION MANAGEMENT-40%386 September January
15CXPOCrimson Exploration Inc.-39%1164 May April
16JDSTDirexion Daily Junior Gold Mine-38%177 August January
17BAYPBAYPORT INTERNATIONA-37%389 October February
18TKAI-37%127 August April
19NDEV-37%215 May December
20BSCElements BG Small Cap ETN-37%889 June April
21ILIVINTELLIGENT LIVING-37%412 December February
22SNL-37%477 August December
23CALACalithera Biosciences, Inc.-36%125 August March
24REDGRED GIANT ENTERTAIN-35%419 October April
25SHA-34%116 November March
26ASTAsterias Biotherapeutics, Inc. -34%135 August April
27HEMP-34%210 December February
28NEWCNEW COLOMBIA RESOURC-33%380 September January
29WNTRWORLDWIDE INTERNET-33%343 October January
30TVIXCredit Suisse AG-33%325 December January
31NWTRNEW WESTN ENERGY COR-32%236 November January
32NEOMNEOMEDIA TECHS INC-32%1056 October March
33ACBFF-31%136 June November
35HRAAHEALTH REV ASSURN-31%230 November February
36IMCLIMMUNOCLIN CORP-31%155 November February
37LEXGLITHIUM EXPLORATION-30%378 October February
38NTEKNANOTECH ENTAINMT-30%389 August January
39AMBSAMARANTUS BIOSCI INC-29%337 September January
40BCCIBARISTAS COFFEE CO-29%264 November March
41AAMCAltisource Asset Management Cor-28%219 August December
42EXMTANYTHING TECH MEDIA-28%973 December February
43STTXSTRATEX OIL & GAS-27%230 December April
443M-27%196 December April
45CRCCalifornia Resources Corporatio-26%119 September April
46GL-26%111 August March
48UOMOUOMO MEDIA INC-26%518 December April
49SKYFSKY440 INC-26%873 October January
50SPECSPECTRALCAST INC-26%131 August February
51ECOBECO BUILDING PRODUCT-25%409 September April
52MFSTMEDIFIRST SOLUTIONS-25%230 December February
53EKSOEKSO BIONICS HOLDING-25%162 September March
54ACB-25%485 September December
54GTSOGREEN TECH SOLUTIONS-25%612 December March
56ARMARM Holdings plc-24%894 February March
57NNANNATURALNANO INC-24%636 September January
58VMRI-24%179 May March
59CAPNCapnia, Inc.-24%119 December April
60MCIGMCIG INC-24%220 June December
61CFRICONFORCE INTL INC-23%389 November February
62TAUGTAURIGA SCIENCES-23%741 December January
63GEQUGLOBAL EQUITY-22%215 April October
64CBISCANNABIS SCIENCE INC-22%1007 December January
65VGTLVGTEL, INC.-22%314 December January
66SCYXSCYNEXIS, Inc.-22%147 August January
67OGI.V-22%268 April November
68CNLGCONOLOG CORP-22%1150 December January
69UTY-22%656 August April
70GLCCGOOD LIFE CHINA CORP-21%978 December January
71DIGIDIGITILITI INC.-21%354 November February
72PDHPetroLogistics LP Common Units -21%329 December May
73WQNIWQN INC-21%890 September February
74SVFCINTELLICELL BIOSCI-21%808 December March
75AAEHALL AMERICAN ENERGY-21%238 June February
75MCETMULTICELL TECHS INC-21%894 December February
77AAD-21%1093 December January
78DOMKDOMARK INTL INC-21%456 December January
79DKAMDRINKS AMERICAS HLDG-20%973 October January
79DKAM.OBDRINKS AMERICAS HLDG-20%973 October January
81MJN.V-20%114 June November
82SUNWSunworks, Inc.-20%363 August November
83VISNVisionChina Media, Inc.-20%481 September February
84PPCHPROPANC HEALTH-20%215 December May
85MSRT-20%98 August March
86CNCTCHINA TELETECH HOLD-20%510 December February
87ARXAeroflex Holding Corp. Common S-20%894 September December
88VRML-20%855 August January
89WCIWCI Communities, Inc. Common St-20%253 August November
90CBS.VBARD VENTURES LTD-20%1085 August January
91UNISUnilife Corporation-19%366 December February
92AERIAerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.-19%174 May December
93STPSPDR MSCI Europe Materials UCIT-19%1072 November December
94CANN-19%260 July October
95PRXMPROXIM WIRELESS CORP-19%890 November March
96NTRRNEUTRA CORP-19%264 July March
97AVXTAVAX TECHS INC-19%1032 November January
98DCTHDelcath Systems, Inc.-19%773 November January
99RESPRESPIRONICS INC-19%185 August November
100IIGImergent, Inc. Common Stock-19%609 May April
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)

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