Best Stocks to Buy in May

Best Stocks to in
RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in MayHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1LNTHLantheus Holdings, Inc.-48%76 April August
2NDEV-47%204 May March
3BSCElements BG Small Cap ETN-44%878 June April
4CXPOCrimson Exploration Inc.-41%1153 May April
5DRIPDirexion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Ex-41%80 November January
6GASXDirexion Daily Natural Gas Rela-40%53 November January
7GOPH-40%109 December January
8PCRPERINI CP-35%334 July December
9ENPTENERPULSE TECHNOLOG-35%128 December February
10OGI.V-34%257 April November
11AERIAerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.-34%163 May November
12IIGImergent, Inc. Common Stock-33%598 May April
13DELTDelta Technology Holdings Limit-33%78 December June
14FR7.FFAST RETAILING-32%806 January December
15ARDXArdelyx, Inc.-32%129 May November
16GDXSProShares UltraShort Gold Miner-31%95 October January
17ARMARM Holdings plc-31%883 February March
18SNL-30%466 August December
19VMRI-30%168 May December
20SGRSHAW GROUP INC-30%518 April August
21VGTLVGTEL, INC.-28%303 December January
22SMASymmetry Medical Inc.-28%473 December April
23AMBIAmbit Biosciences Corporation-27%627 June April
25BIOMBIOMIMIX, INC.-27%329 September December
26ILEISOLAGEN INC-27%485 February September
27GAPGREAT ATLANTIC PAC-25%468 February November
28PA-25%883 May December
29OEX-25%577 May December
30UAHCUNITED AMER HEALTHCR-24%161 December November
31WINSWins Finance Holdings Inc.-23%108 March November
32MJN.V-23%103 June November
33SWHISW INNOVATIVE HOLDIN-23%378 December February
35CBDS-22%239 June January
36PRTAProthena Corporation plc-22%207 February November
37ABLTAMER BILTRITE INC-22%247 June December
38MCIGMCIG INC-22%209 June November
39WHE.FPACIFIC TEXTILES-21%498 February December
40AUMNGolden Minerals Company Common -21%396 May January
41JDSTDirexion Daily Junior Gold Mine-21%166 August January
42ZLTQZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc.-21%268 May November
43CFMS-21%75 May January
44AMBSAMARANTUS BIOSCI INC-21%326 September January
45MYECMYECHECK INC-20%456 October January
46MT.V-20%114 May November
47IFOXINFOCROSSING INC-20%418 June November
48ANVAllied Nevada Gold Corp.-20%500 December March
49LJPCLa Jolla Pharmaceutical Company-19%250 May December
50VITAOrthovita, Inc.-19%883 May December
50RDUSRadius Health, Inc.-19%131 February December
52HTBXHeat Biologics, Inc.-19%176 December January
53PTCTPTC Therapeutics, Inc.-19%181 June January
55PLI-18%260 May November
56SNGCANADIAN SUPERIOR EN-17%278 October December
57PKPL-17%344 March November
58IMPVImperva, Inc. Common Stock-17%265 May December
59WAGEWageWorks, Inc. Common Stock-17%239 May December
60DWTIVelocityShares 3X Inverse Crude-16%252 September December
61MPSPMEDPRO SAFETY PD-16%530 November February
62PBYIPuma Biotechnology Inc Common S-16%241 June December
63NTECIntec Pharma Ltd.-16%70 February August
64GEQUGLOBAL EQUITY-16%204 April January
65ECOMChannelAdvisor Corporation Comm-16%185 May January
66XNCRXencor, Inc.-16%157 May July
67AGT-15%240 December February
68DERMDermira, Inc.-15%114 March December
69GLBLTerraForm Global, Inc.-15%70 December August
70FGENFibroGen, Inc-15%108 June January
72TBLTimberland Company (The) Common-15%732 July December
73CHRSCoherus BioSciences, Inc.-15%107 January August
74EASENERGY EAST CP-15%815 June February
75TAXLiberty Tax, Inc.-15%231 May December
76LOXOLoxo Oncology, Inc.-14%123 February December
77AQXPAquinox Pharmaceuticals, Inc.-14%144 July September
78EGRXEagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.-14%147 April December
79NTRRNEUTRA CORP-14%253 July January
80GNKGenco Shipping & Trading Limite-14%72 December January
81TWTRTwitter, Inc. Common Stock-14%161 May February
82BBAGFBB BIOTECH AG-14%1197 July February
83RXDXIgnyta, Inc.-14%149 October January
84JAZZJazz Pharmaceuticals plc-14%497 May December
85TNG-14%612 April December
86MGNXMacroGenics, Inc.-13%165 May January
87TMSTMS International Corp. Class A-13%354 August January
87SQSquare, Inc. Class A Common Sto-13%55 June April
89TMRMERIDIAN RES CP-13%469 February November
90TRUETrueCar, Inc.-13%134 July January
91AXXEAXXESS PHARMA, INC.-13%366 September January
92ELCOELCOM INTL INC-13%229 June January
93ECGIEVENT CARDIO GROUP-13%316 May September
94SBIN.NSSTATE BANK OF INDIA-12%1092 March December
95NCONuveen California Municipal Mar-12%518 June December
96SPC-12%883 April January
97AMBAAmbarella, Inc.-12%217 February December
98SPECSPECTRALCAST INC-12%120 August January
99NVLSNivalis Therapeutics, Inc.-12%77 December September
99NLSTNetlist, Inc.-12%521 October February
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)

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