Best Stocks to Buy in April

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in AprilHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1MAHMFMAHMF-8%526 April December
2EXAExa Corporation-7%268 May September
3LMOSLumos Networks Corp-7%302 April December
4MTPVYMTPVY-7%265 January December
5WEINWEST END INDIAN-6%292 January December
6BELFBBel Fuse Inc-6%919 April December
7ASBRFAsahi Group Holdings Ltd-6%522 April December
9AHKSFAsahi Kasei Corporation-5%435 April December
10AVEVFAVEVA Group Plc-5%509 January October
11BELFABel Fuse Inc-5%919 March December
12CIACitizens Inc-5%919 May December
13HMSTHomeStreet Inc-5%288 February December
14BCSSXBrown Capital Management Smal-5%296 January November
15GWREGuidewire Software Inc-5%290 January November
16CROCProShares UltraShort Australian Dollar ETF-5%265 April December
17WEBKWellesley Bancorp In-5%290 January December
18PGTYXPutnam Global Technology Fund Y Sh-5%263 January December
19PGTAXPutnam Global Technology Fund A Sh-5%263 January December
20APHSXArtisan Small Cap Fund Institu-5%276 January November
21HSSIXEmerald Banking and Finance Fd Inst Cl-5%282 January December
22PGTMXPutnam Global Technology Fund M Sh-4%263 January December
23CHBAFChiba Bank Ltd-4%516 April October
24ELUXFElectrolux AB-4%526 January August
25PGTPXPutnam Global Technology Fund B Sh-4%263 January December
26MNTAMomenta Pharmaceuticals Inc-4%686 March July
27MLRUYMLRUY-4%332 April February
28JTEKYJTEKY-4%342 April December
29SZKMFSuzuki Motor Corp-4%526 March November
30ELCRXEaton Vance Large-Cap Growth Fund Class-4%263 January November
31AVAVAeroVironment Inc-4%551 September December
32KBWRPowerShares KBW Regional Banking Portfolio ETF-4%302 January December
33PJHRXPrudential Jennison Health Sci-4%289 January December
34NWSIXNationwide Small Company Growt-4%293 January December
34OPOCXOppenheimer Discovery Fd Class-4%263 January December
36IMCVXING Midcap Value Fd-4%306 January November
37YDVLYADKIN VALLEY CO NE-4%644 April November
37SRMGFSPAREBANK 1 SMN-4%430 January June
37LDKBLANDMARK BANCORP P-4%458 February October
40ELCIXEaton Vance Large-Cap Growth Fund Class-4%263 January November
41KBWBPowerShares KBW Bank Portfolio ETF-4%302 January December
42VLLXVALLEY REP BN-4%401 April August
43EIHSXEaton Vance World Wide Health Sciences Fd Cl-4%263 January November
44RPRealPage Inc-4%366 September December
44LWSOFLawson Inc-4%443 March November
46HOLHFHOEGH LNG HOLDING-4%289 April September
47XSWSPDR® S&P Software & Services ETF-4%307 January December
48KBDHFKabel Deutschland Holding AG-4%330 January December
49AWTRFAir Water Inc-4%504 April November
50SCHLScholastic Corporation-4%919 April December
51KCLIKansas City Life Insurance Co-4%919 May December
52LTOUFLTOUF-4%526 February July
54SOCLGlobal X Social Media Index ETF-3%300 January September
55NKRKFNOKIAN TYRES PLC-3%511 March November
56JVTNXJanus Venture Fund N Share-3%272 January December
57STAGFSTRABAG A-3%444 March November
58OPGIXOppenheimer Global Opportunities Fund-3%263 January December
59PSXPhillips 66-3%279 January December
60DWASPowerShares DWA SmallCap Momentum Portfolio ETF-3%265 January December
61UBTProShares Ultra 20+ Year Treasury ETF-3%395 March October
61TWACT W A COR-3%912 January December
63EIFGXEaton Vance Focused Growth Opp-3%263 January December
64ACAJXAmerican Century All Cap Growt-3%307 January November
65EAFGXEaton Vance Focused Growth Opp-3%263 January December
66AUUIXAlliancebernstein Select US Eq-3%297 January November
66GHDXGenomic Health Inc-3%620 May December
68CNBLCITIZENS NATL BNCSH-3%844 January August
69CPECXCatalyst/Cp Core Equity Fd Cl-3%295 January December
70ARAIXAriel Fund Instl C-3%294 January November
71JLCYXJohn Hancock Large Cap Equity-3%285 January December
72DOSAXAdvantage Funds Inc Dreyfus-3%295 January November
73AUUAXAlliancebernstein Select US Eq-3%297 January November
73BCUCFBRUNELLO CUCINELL-3%271 February December
75AUUKXAlliancebernstein Select US Eq-3%297 January November
75ECFGXEaton Vance Focused Growth Opp-3%263 January December
77GSXIXAberdeen Small Cap Fund Institutional Service C-3%263 January December
78AUURXAlliancebernstein Select US Eq-3%297 January November
78CROLCARROLL BANCORP IN-3%305 February September
80BAFWXBrown Advisory Winslow Sustain-3%268 January December
81GSXAXAberdeen Small Cap Fund Class-3%263 January December
81JFCAXJohn Hancock II Fundamental Al-3%324 January December
83GRPTFGroupe Eurotunnel SE-3%458 January October
83BIAWXBrown Advisory Winslow Sustain-3%268 January December
85JFCIXJohn Hancock II Fundamental Al-3%324 January December
86AUUCXAlliancebernstein Select US Eq-3%297 January November
87ASBNASB FINANCIAL NE-3%919 March November
87ZROZPIMCO 25+ Year Zero Coupon US Treasury Index Exchange-Traded Fund ETF-3%406 March September
90OPTIXOppenheimer Capital Appreciati-3%263 January December
90HTBIHomeTrust Bancshares Inc-3%266 February December
90DULUFDULUXGROU-3%359 January August
90ERSMXEaton Vance Atlanta Capital Smid-Cap Fund Clas-3%263 January November
94JLCWXJohn Hancock Large Cap Equity-3%311 January December
94LGNGXLogan Capital Large Cap Growt-3%268 January December
96SONVFSonova Holding AG-3%527 January December
96GSXCXAberdeen Small Cap Fund Class-3%263 January December
96OTCYXOppenheimer Capital Appreciation Fund Class-3%263 January December
99VNSYXVaughan Nelson Select Fd Cl-3%268 January December
100IUNTFIUNTF-3%459 February September
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)