Best Stocks to Buy in April

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in AprilHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1NVTPNOVT CORPORATIO-23%389 January December
2NATRNature's Sunshine Products Inc-9%417 March December
3CHBAFChiba Bank Ltd-9%266 April November
4IMPVImperva Inc-7%293 May March
4RMRegional Management Corp-7%273 May December
6LMOSLumos Networks Corp-7%294 April December
7NCLINORTH COAST LIFE IN-6%371 January October
8VNRXVOLITIONRX LT-6%277 June September
9CIACitizens Inc-5%911 May December
10PHTCFPhilippine Long Distance Telephone Company-5%373 December July
11HMSTHomeStreet Inc-5%280 February December
12NMFCNew Mountain Finance Corporation-5%318 January December
14CROLCARROLL BANCORP IN-4%297 April September
15ADFJFADF GROUP IN-4%266 March December
16BCSSXBrown Capital Management Smal-4%288 February December
17APHSXArtisan Small Cap Fund Institu-4%268 January December
18ANGOAngioDynamics Inc-4%681 April January
19TCPCTCP Capital Corporation-4%272 January November
20JPFSXJpmorgan Equity Focus Fd Selec-4%308 January December
21TRSTTrustCo Bank Corp-4%911 February December
22JPFCXJpmorgan Equity Focus Fd Cl-4%306 February December
23CBSICENTRAL BANCSHS (TX-3%372 February October
24TSOHTRI-STATE 1ST BAN-3%389 March July
24HBNBXHartford Total Return Bond Hls Fund Class I-3%911 February November
26ODIIXOppenheimer Discovery Fund Cl-3%282 January December
27FIGRFIRST NATL BK GROTO-3%389 March December
28AVAVAeroVironment Inc-3%543 September December
29JTEKFJTEKT Corporation-3%283 March December
30CPEAXCatalyst/Cp Core Equity Fd Cl-3%287 January December
30PSXPhillips 66-3%271 January December
30SBNCSOUTHERN BANCSHARE-3%389 January December
33CPECXCatalyst/Cp Core Equity Fd Cl-3%287 February December
34GHDXGenomic Health Inc-3%612 May December
35MCCMedley Capital Corporation-3%335 January December
36HIABXHartford Total Return Bond Hls Fund Class I-3%911 February November
37OFEDOconee Federal Financial Corp-3%336 January December
38JLCYXJohn Hancock Large Cap Equity-3%277 January December
39GBDCGolub Capital BDC Inc-3%375 May December
39RHDGFRETAIL HOLDINGS N.V-3%389 February November
41MFPIXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-3%286 February December
42JFCIXJohn Hancock II Fundamental Al-3%316 February December
43CPHTCHAMPAIGN TEL CO NE-3%389 March December
43YDVLYADKIN VALLEY CO NE-3%378 February December
45SWKHSWK HLDGS COR-3%389 March September
46MFPHXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-3%286 February December
46JFCAXJohn Hancock II Fundamental Al-3%316 February December
48WEIGFWEIR GROUP PL-3%389 January October
49JVTSXJanus Venture Fd S Sh-3%320 February December
50MSHLXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-3%268 January December
51BAUAXBrown Advisory Small-Cap Funda-3%308 February December
52ATSMXAqr Tax-Managed Small Cap Mome-3%282 January December
53RPAIRetail Properties of America Inc-3%271 May October
54SPWAXAmerican Beacon Stephens Smal-3%277 February December
55SPWYXAmerican Beacon Stephens Smal-3%277 January December
56DOSIXAdvantage Funds Inc Dreyfus-3%287 January December
57SUWTXDws Core Equity Fund Class-3%268 January December
58MFPLXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-3%286 January December
58FFGRXForward Growth Fund Inv C-3%320 January December
60MSBCMISSION BANCORP (CA-3%389 January December
61FGUSXFederated Government Ultra Short Duration Fund-3%911 January December
61SSDGXDws Small Cap Growth Fund Clas-3%268 January December
63FMELXStrategic Advisers Growth Mult-3%292 January December
63LGLIXLord Abbett Growth Leaders Fd-3%312 January December
63JVTCXJanus Venture Fd C Sh-3%320 January December
66LGLFXLord Abbett Growth Leaders Fd-3%312 January December
67THBVXThomson Horstmann & Bryant Mic-3%273 May December
67CTUYCentury Next Financial Corp-3%349 January November
69JRANXJanus Research Fund N Share-3%264 January December
69DOSAXAdvantage Funds Inc Dreyfus-3%287 January December
69FOCFFORREST CITY FINL C-3%281 March August
69ITOEFIto En Ltd-3%349 February August
69DVDCFDavide Campari-Milano SpA-3%324 January October
74LMBMXLegg Mason Batterymarch US Sma-3%274 February December
75CDRCedar Realty Trust Inc-3%911 November September
75LGLQXLord Abbett Growth Leaders Fd-3%312 January December
77TBNKTerritorial Bancorp Inc-3%414 January December
78INNSummit Hotel Properties Inc-2%332 January December
78BSPABallston SpA Bancorp Inc-2%389 January December
80HNLGFHANG LUNG GRP OR-2%389 February November
80BMBYFBloomsbury Publishing Plc-2%349 March October
82VEDIXVanguard Extended Duration Treasury Index Fund-2%499 February December
83RGGKXRs Global Growth Fd Cl-2%318 January December
83LGLCXLord Abbett Growth Leaders Fd-2%312 January December
85ATMOXAqr Tax-Managed Momentum Fd C-2%282 January December
85JLGIXJag Large Cap Growth Fd Cl-2%287 January December
87ADAFXAlpine Dynamic Financial Servi-2%286 January December
88ACRTXAston/Sivercrest Small Cap Fd-2%286 February December
89LGLRXLord Abbett Growth Leaders Fd-2%312 January December
89CSCEXColumbia Active Portfolios Mul-2%269 January December
91WICVXWasatch Small Cap Value Fund I-2%281 January December
91JUSMXJpmorgan U.S. Small Company Fu-2%294 January December
93GGNPFGudang Garam Tbk-2%389 January June
94ECHOEcho Global Logistics Inc-2%403 February July
94FEUSXFederated Government Ultrashort Fd Institutiona-2%911 January December
94ACWIXAston/Crosswind Small Cap Grow-2%316 January July
97AUUIXAlliancebernstein Select US Eq-2%289 January December
97AIACXAccessor Incme Allocation Fund C Clas-2%753 February December
99HBHYXHartford High Yield Hls Fund Class I-2%911 February July
99MITJXMassachusetts Investors Trust-2%264 January December
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)