Best Stocks to Buy in December

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in DecemberHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1OSBHFOSLO BORS HOLDIN-10%348 December May
2CORRCorEnergy Infrastructure Trust-7%547 December July
5AMIGFAdmiral Group Plc-5%550 January July
6BRAQGlobal X Brazil Consumer ETF-5%368 December April
8GGNGAMCO Global Gold Natural Resources & Income Trust-5%643 December April
9TNHPFTechnip SA-5%519 January October
10GGORXGoldman Sachs Growth Opportunities Fd Cl-4%499 January September
11TURiShares MSCI Turkey ETF-4%487 February July
12TEMLXTiaa-Cref Emerging Markets Equ-4%342 December April
13TEMPXTiaa-Cref Emerging Markets Equ-4%342 December April
14TEMSXTiaa-Cref Emerging Markets Equ-4%342 December April
15LNDBrasilagro Brazilian Agric Real Estate Co-4%271 November July
16TEMRXTiaa-Cref Emerging Markets Equ-4%342 December April
17UMXProShares Ultra MSCI Mexico Capped IMI ETF-4%377 September April
18MPZSXStrategic Emerging Markets Fd Cl-4%856 December April
18AVEVFAVEVA Group Plc-4%506 January October Ltd-4%434 November June
21PHYSSprott Physical Gold Trust ETV-4%387 December August
22BBDOBanco Santander SA-4%280 January April
23KANPKAANAPALI LAND LL-4%502 November April
24GGOTXGoldman Sachs Growth Opportunities Fd Cl I-4%499 January September
24CHPXFChina Pacific Insurance Group Co Ltd-4%378 October April
26REGIRenewable Energy Group Inc-4%288 January June
27ALORXAllianz Nacm International Growth Opportunitie-4%342 December May
28ITOCFITOCHU Corp-4%523 January October
29LITGlobal X Lithium ETF-4%366 August April
30BKEPBlueknight Energy Partners LP-4%343 October April
31TLESXManagers Trilogy Emerging Mark-4%858 December April
32BEMIXBrandes Institutional Emergin-4%338 December April
32CRFCornerstone Total Return Fund-4%916 January July
34ASEAGlobal X Southeast Asia ETF-4%336 January July
35PPALPEOPLES TR CO ST AL-3%532 December May
35INFBrookfield Global Listed Infras-3%308 January August
38NORWGlobal X MSCI Norway ETF-3%350 December May
39GSYCXGSYCX-3%290 December April
40XDPGXDuff & Phelps Global Utility I-3%310 December July
40DNBHFDNB ASA-3%524 January October
42GIRPXGoldman Sachs Emerging Market-3%342 December April
42HOLHFHOEGH LNG HOLDING-3%286 April September
44ARGTGlobal X MSCI Argentina ETF-3%334 January April
45SCINColumbia India Small Cap ETF-3%368 August April
46GFSZFG4S Plc-3%517 December May
46MLPMXSteelpath MLP Alpha Plus Fd C-3%291 January August
48BWGLegg Mason BW Global Income Opp-3%278 December April
49PLNDVanEck Vectors Poland ETF-3%397 November April
50EELVPowerShares S&P Emerging Markets Low Volatility Portfolio ETF-3%289 January April
50ZKBGFZKB GOLD-3%404 December August
52KMFKayne Anderson Midstream Energy-3%348 January July
53HEMAXHenderson Emerging Markets Opp-3%343 December April
54JBNSelect Asset Inc. Select Asset-3%545 January August
55GSYAXGoldman Sachs N-11 Equity Fd A Sh-3%290 December April
55FURCFFaurecia SA-3%404 November June
55GSYRXGoldman Sachs N-11 Equity Fd Ir Sh-3%290 December April
58VCISFVinci SA-3%524 November May
59GSYIXGoldman Sachs N-11 Equity Fd Insti Sh-3%290 December April
60PYELXPayden Emerging Markets Local-3%290 December April
61MLPLXSteelpath MLP Alpha Plus Fd C-3%291 January August
62GLUSFGLUSKIN SHEF-3%366 October April
62UAEMXUsaa Emerging Market Fund Adv-3%364 December April
62HEMIXHenderson Emerging Markets Opp-3%343 December April
62HERCXThe Hartford Emerging Markets-3%321 January July
66NGEAXNuveen Tradewinds Global Flexi-3%356 September March
66GSPRXGoldman Sachs Capital Growth Fd Cl-3%499 January July
68EEICXEaton Vance Emerging Markets L-3%364 December April
69MLPAGlobal X MLP ETF-3%275 January July
70ECHiShares MSCI Chile Capped ETF-3%505 December April
71MLPNXSteelpath MLP Alpha Plus Fd C-3%291 January August
71ROIMXRoyce International Micro-Cap-3%342 December April
73GCMDXGoldman Sachs Local Emerging Markets Debt Fund-3%492 January July
73CEMRXColumbia Emerging Markets Fun-3%356 December April
75TGWNXTcw Emerging Markets Local Cur-3%342 December April
76TGWIXTcw Emerging Markets Local Cur-3%342 December April
77HGSAXHuntington Global Select Markets Fund Class A S-3%394 December July
78CEMWXColumbia Emerging Markets Fun-3%356 December April
78CGThe Carlyle Group LP-3%273 September April
80HLDSXThe Hartford Emerging Markets-3%321 December April
81HLDAXThe Hartford Emerging Markets-3%321 December April
81GSPTXGoldman Sachs Capital Growth Fd Cl I-3%499 January July
81AIEMXThe Alger Fds II Alger Emergi-3%342 December April
84JLTCXJpmorgan Latin America-3%543 February May
84IRWDIronwood Pharmaceuticals Inc-3%390 August March
86HGSIXHuntington Global Select Markets Fund Insti Sh-3%394 December July
86EDFStone Harbor Emerging Markets I-3%343 January May
88SHMDXStone Harbor Emerging Debt Fund Insti C-3%499 December August
89FSAMXFidelity Strategic Advisors Em-3%356 December April
89DTMCXDreyfus Total Emerging Market-3%331 January April
91GTAGXInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity Fund Class-3%916 January November
91SCSDXWfa Fund Adminst-3%342 January November
91PFATXPimco Fundamental Advantage Total Return Fund I-3%491 December August
94HERRXThe Hartford Emerging Markets-3%321 January July
94HLDTXThe Hartford Emerging Markets-3%321 December July
94FSOYFF-Secure Oyj-3%514 February June
94FPMIXFidelity¬ģ¬†Emerging Markets Index Fund - Institutional Class -3%307 January April
98GYLDArrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF-3%272 January April
98HLDIXThe Hartford Emerging Markets-3%321 December July
100HLDYXThe Hartford Emerging Markets-3%321 December July
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)