Best Stocks to Buy in October

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in OctoberHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1NVTPNOVT CORPORATIO-15%389 February December
2REGIRenewable Energy Group Inc-7%283 October June
3IRDMIridium Communications Inc-6%483 October July
4RXNRexnord Corporation-6%273 October March
5KELYBKelly Services Inc-5%911 August April
6OMVJFOmv AG-5%389 October May
7CLTZFCOLT TELECOM GRP S-4%373 December June
9OFIXOrthofix International NV-4%911 October June
10RYJSXRydex Srs TR Japan 2X Strategy Fund A Clas-4%487 October July
11RYJHXRydex Srs TR Japan 2X Strategy Fd - Cl-4%487 October July
12ALAir Lease Corporation-4%322 September April
13OPYOppenheimer Holdings Inc-4%911 October December
14AVXAVX Corporation-4%911 October April
15AMCXAMC Networks Inc-4%314 August March
16KELYAKelly Services Inc-4%911 September March
17BKJBancorp of New Jersey Inc-4%472 October June
17AAWWAtlas Air Worldwide Holdings-4%606 November May
19VLKAFVolkswagen AG-3%389 September December
20BGGBriggs & Stratton Corporation-3%911 October December
21MGMistras Group Inc-3%402 September December
22SIFISI Financial Group Inc-3%664 October December
23JRONFJERONIMO MARTINS P-3%281 September June
24VOLAFVolvo AB-3%376 January May
25AGGZFAG GROWTH INC F-3%389 September December
26YASKFYaskawa Electric Corp-3%349 October December
27IGNRXIvy Global Natural Resources Fund Class-3%599 January April
28PSKCXVirtus Mid-Cap Growth Fund Class-3%860 October May
29ELFIFE-L Financial Corp Ltd-3%349 February May
30ARDFXAriel Discovery Fun-3%333 September April
31CTVAXCatalyst Value Fd - Cl-3%389 August April
32MBFJFMitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc-3%389 October December
33TRCTejon Ranch Company-3%911 October April
33HMCSXHartford Small/Mid Cap Equity Hls Fund Class I-3%911 October May
35CTVIXCatalyst Value Fund Class-3%389 August April
36CPHCCanterbury Park Holding Corp-2%458 March May
37PFBXPeoples Financial Corporatio-2%911 November July
37RYSJXRydex Series Fds Strengthening Dollar 2X Strat-2%389 October December
40ROSFXRoyce Opportunity Select Fund-2%355 September December
41HIASXHartford Small Company Hls Fd Class I-2%911 October June
42KDSKFKoninklijke DSM NV-2%283 February December
43RYSBXRydex Series Fds Strengthening Dollar 2X Strat-2%389 October December
43CETRXColumbia Energy And Natural Re-2%351 September April
45KFFBKentucky First Federal Bancor-2%642 October December
46PLSDFPULSE SEISMIC IN-2%349 November April
47BSFTBroadSoft Inc-2%366 July December
48PMVCXPacific Advisors Fd Multi-Cap Value Fund C Sha-2%389 September April
48IENIXInvesco Energy Fund Institutional Clas-2%594 January April
50BKUBankUnited Inc-2%334 May December
50PBIPitney Bowes Inc-2%911 October April
52SNWAXSnow Capital Small Cap Value F-2%342 January July
52FSDKFIRST CITIZENS NAT-2%389 September April
54MLHRHerman Miller Inc-2%911 January December
55GSAKXGoldman Sachs Strategic Intl Equity Fd Cl-2%522 November December
56VRIRXVan Kampen 2050 Retirement Strategy Fund Class-2%389 June April
57SNWIXSnow Capital Small Cap Value F-2%342 January December
58VRGCXVan Kampen 2040 Retirement Strategy Fund Class-2%389 June April
58ETHEthan Allen Interiors Inc-2%911 June December
60SLVCXSaratoga Advantage TR Lrg Capitalization Val C-2%911 October May
61MPFRFMapfre SA-2%389 September April
61IXUUtilities Select Sector Index (^IXU)-2%911 October June
63VRIAXVan Kampen 2050 Retirement Strategy Fund Class-2%389 June April
64FAAFXThe Fairholme Allocation Fun-2%338 October April
64WIFIBoingo Wireless Inc-2%320 February May
66MOFQXMarketocracy Funds IncMasters 100 Fun-2%815 October June
67MGLNMagellan Health Services Inc-2%695 May December
68WBIDXWbi Absolute Return Dividend G-2%338 September December
68ICEAXIcon Energy Fund Class-2%351 September April
70PAMVXPacific Advisors Fd Multi-Cap Value Fund A Sha-2%389 September April
72INNSummit Hotel Properties Inc-2%332 January December
72KRAKraton Performance Polymers Inc-2%392 January April
74SNCAFSNC-Lavalin Group Inc-2%367 March July
75WBDGXWbi Absolute Return Dividend G-2%338 September December
77ANGOAngioDynamics Inc-2%681 April January
77CHUCXAlger China U.S. Growth Fund Class-2%485 February April
79XZFGXZweig Fund In-2%389 October March
79RYBMXRydex Series Fds Basic Materials Fund Class-2%668 January December
79XIDEXING Infrastructure Industrials And Materials F-2%385 August March
82XJTDXNuveen Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth Fun-2%521 October May
83OTTWOTTAWA SAVING BCP I-2%528 February May
84TGFRXTanaka Growth Fund Class-2%911 October April
85MBKLMETAIRIE BK & TR (L-2%389 February March
86RAMVXRoumell Opportunistic Value Fu-2%338 November June
86AEGRXAllianz Agic Emerging Growth F-2%339 January December
86ICBAXIcon Materials Fund Class-2%351 September July
89GFFRXGoldman Sachs Managed Futures-2%277 October February
90IMPVImperva Inc-2%293 May March
90ARBAXMtb Strategic Allocation Fund Class-2%911 October May
92RAMSXRoumell Opportunistic Value In-2%338 November June
93RYSCXRydex Electronics Fund C Clas-2%389 August December
93BRTHFBROTHER INDUSTRIES-2%376 September December
95GMSAXGoldman Sachs Managed Futures-2%277 October February
96XDDFXDelaware Dividend & Incme Fun-2%501 January May
97NTRSNorthern Trust Corporation-2%911 January December
97BCKIFBabcock International Group Plc-2%283 January June
99ABRUXAmerica First Absolute Return Fund Class-1%381 September April
100GFIRXGoldman Sachs Managed Futures-1%277 October February
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)