Best Stocks to Buy in January

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in JanuaryHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1NVTPNOVT CORPORATIO-29%390 January December
2GWREGuidewire Software Inc-11%283 January November
3AAIGFAIA Group Ltd-11%339 January October
4DNKNDunkin' Brands Group Inc-10%309 January July
6NDEKFNitto Denko Corporation-10%390 January July
7IKTSFIntertek Group Plc-9%390 January November
8FDUSFidus Investment Corporation-9%314 January December
9PBAPembina Pipeline Corp-9%351 January May
10WEIGFWEIR GROUP PL-9%390 January October
11COIHFCroda International Plc-9%377 January September
11ELUXFElectrolux AB-9%318 January May
13DVDCFDavide Campari-Milano SpA-9%325 January October
14UMICFUmicore SA-9%470 January June
15MFPIXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-8%287 January December
16NMFCNew Mountain Finance Corporation-8%319 January December
17NATRNature's Sunshine Products Inc-8%418 March December
18AEXAFAtos SE-8%267 January December
20CKISFCheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd-8%377 January November
21ADBCFADELAIDE BRIGHTON A-8%281 January September
22DAFLDU-ART FILM LABS IN-8%376 February August
23MFPLXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-8%287 January December
24PFLTPennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd-8%325 January December
25TCPCTCP Capital Corporation-8%273 January November
26REGIRenewable Energy Group Inc-8%284 January June
27DDDAX13D Activist Fund Class-8%286 January December
28CTUYCentury Next Financial Corp-8%350 January November
29HINKFHeineken NV-8%383 January October
30SHLAFSchindler Holding AG-8%271 January June
31GGNPFGudang Garam Tbk-8%390 January June
32OTTWOTTAWA SAVING BCP I-8%529 February May
33LDSVFChocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli AG-8%350 January December
34PRLBProto Labs Inc-8%279 January July
35BPTIXBaron Partners Fund Inst Sh-8%390 January December
36GPIIXGrandeur Peak International Op-8%297 January October
37WIFIBoingo Wireless Inc-8%321 February May
38ADAFXAlpine Dynamic Financial Servi-7%287 January December
38BRLXFBORALEX INC CL A NE-7%377 January July
40ITOEFIto En Ltd-7%350 February August
41CRRLFNEW CHORU-7%289 January November
42MTGEMTGE Investment Corp-7%308 January December
43MSHLXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-7%269 January December
43GPIOXGrandeur Peak International Op-7%297 January October
45UNTNUNITED TENN BANKSH-7%390 January August
46ALSNAllison Transmission Holdings Inc-7%276 January December
46PKIUFPARKLAND FUEL COR-7%374 January December
48MGUAXMirae Asset Global Great Consu-7%282 January December
49ICHGFInterContinental Hotels Group Plc-7%284 February December
50QUSIXQuantitative Foreign Value Small Cap Fund Inst-7%478 January May
52CSLGXColumbia Active Portfolios Sel-7%271 January December
53MSMLXMatthews Asia Small Companie-7%458 February September
54BWLYXAmerican Beacon Bridgeway Larg-7%281 January December
54SSEIXSouthernsun US Equity Fund Ins-7%272 January December
54MBPHXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-7%287 January December
57INNSummit Hotel Properties Inc-7%333 January December
57MSCFXMairs And Power Small Cap F-7%307 January December
57SRFIXMfs Sector Rotational Fund Cla-7%330 January December
60JPFSXJpmorgan Equity Focus Fd Selec-7%309 January December
60NGGTFNational Grid Plc-7%368 January October
60FJTSFFujitsu Ltd-7%267 January July
63QSCIXOppenheimer Small-& Mid-Cap Va-7%278 January December
64RPMVXReinhart Mid Cap Private Marke-7%265 January December
64SSEFXSouthernsun US Equity Fund Inv-7%272 January December
66IPPLFInter Pipeline Ltd-7%350 January December
66JMGFXJpmorgan Mid Cap Growth Fund R-7%295 January December
68GPGOXGrandeur Peak Global Opportuni-7%297 January December
69NCLINORTH COAST LIFE IN-7%372 January October
70CAAIXAriel Appreciation Fd Instl C-7%287 January December
71ACAZFAcadian Timber Corp-7%368 January December
72FOCFFORREST CITY FINL C-7%282 March August
72RPMMXReinhart Mid Cap Private Marke-7%265 January December
72MBPLXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-7%287 January December
75RAIIXRainier International Discover-7%274 January December
76JLGIXJag Large Cap Growth Fd Cl-7%288 January December
77SRTSXSma Relationship Trust Srs-7%321 January November
78TWMTXTransamerica Wmc Diversified E-7%281 January December
79FAKSXFrost Mid Cap Equity Fd Cl A S-7%280 January December
80JPFAXJP Morgan Equity Focus Fd Cl-7%307 January December
80IFPUXAdvisers Investment Trust Inde-7%288 January November
82BCSSXBrown Capital Management Smal-7%289 January December
82GTSGXMadison Mosaic Mid-Cap Fun-7%310 January December
84NWSIXNationwide Small Company Growt-7%286 January December
85JLGAXJag Large Cap Growth Fd Cl-7%288 January December
86XYLXylem Inc-7%298 January December
87FOCCXSunamerica Focused Alpha Growt-7%283 January December
88LGLAXLord Abbett Growth Leaders Fd-7%313 January December
88HERXFHeroux-Devtek Inc-7%390 January October
88BLMTBSB Bancorp Inc-7%299 January December
91PSGQXPrudential Jennison Select Gro-7%269 January December
91TINVXThornburg International Growth Class R-7%491 January September
91TARKXTarkio Fun-7%313 January December
91HRAUXEagle Mid Cap Growth Fd Cl R--7%306 January December
95AVEVFAVEVA Group Plc-7%281 February September
95MMIZXMassmutual Select Indexed Equi-7%290 January December
95APHQXArtisan Mid Cap Value Fd Inst-7%282 January December
98MHOVXMfs High Yield Opportunities F-7%473 January September
98TORTXTortoise MLP & Pipeline Fund I-7%317 January July
98JRANXJanus Research Fund N Share-7%265 January December
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)