How to disable SNMP

Recently, a number of exploits have been found against the specification, implementation, and also typical installation of SNMP. It is strongly recommended that you remove SNMP from all machines and devices, regardless of manufacturer. This document explains how to do this on Win2K.

If removing SNMP is not an option for your network, it is strongly recommended that you get updated SNMP software from all vendors (all SNMP software should have release dates after February 2002), and get rid of the "Public" Community String.

To remove SNMP from your Win2K server:

1.) Click on "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Control Panel".

2.) Double click on the "Add/Remove Programs" Icon.

Add/Remove Programs

3.) Click on the "Add/Remove Windows Components" as shown in the figure.

Add/Remove Windows Components

4.) Click on "Management and Monitoring Tools", and then click on the "Details" button as shown in the figure.

SNMP Tools

5.) Clear the "Simple Network Management Protocol" checkbox, and click on the OK button.

Turn off SNMP

6.) Click on the "Next" button.