Wildcard Searches - Finding all domain names that begin with a word you specify

In this example, a user named "Wilma" wishes to register a domain name that begins with the word "Wilma". She has already found out that "wilma.com" domain has been taken.

To begin, she clicks on the Tools menu, moves her mouse over the "Whois" sub-menu, and then clicks on "Domain Name...", as shown in the figure.
Tools Menu

She enters the text "wilma" into the Search String textbox. She clicks on the Wildcard Search checkbox to enable a wildcard search. She then clicks on the Search button.
Search String

The results dialog appears. She scrolls past the legalese to see a list of fifty domain names that begin with the word "wilma". If she is interested in buying any of these domains from their current owners, she can use InternetPeriscope to get contact info for the current owners of the domain. Alternatively, she may be trying to find an unregistered domain name that begins with "Wilma" by process of elimination.
fifty domains