Viewing a machine's problem history

InternetPeriscope enables you to keep a history of the problems a remote host has experienced, helping you to determine if a machine should be replaced or upgraded.

It also notifies you in real-time that a machine is having problems, enabling you to fix the problem before it affects your users or customers.

Before viewing a machine's problem history, you must first add that machine to the console, and setup monitoring for that machine.

To view a host's problem history, right click on that host's icon, move your mouse over the "Monitor" menu item, and click on the "Problem History..." menu item, as shown in the Figure.
Monitor Menu

InternetPeriscope will display a dialog displaying a history of problems this machine has had. The display includes the date and time that the problem was detected, the monitored service that had the problem, and, if available, the date and time that the service recovered. Problem History