How to use Internet Periscope

The easiest way to use InternetPeriscope is to add a machine to Internet Periscope's console, and then right click on that machine's icon to perform actions on that machine.

The figure below shows a screenshot of InternetPeriscope with six machines in its console window. The user has right-clicked with her mouse on the machine named "" to see a list of tasks that she can choose from to perform various monitoring and analysis activities on
Right click on host

In addition to right clicking on a host's icon, you may also use the Host menu to view tasks that can be performed on a host. Before invoking this menu, you can use the right and left arrow keys to change the selected host.
Host menu

The Tools menu allows you to quickly perform a number of activities without the overhead of adding a host to InternetPeriscope's console. Use the Tools menu when you need to quickly get information on a host. The Tools menu also includes a number of stand-alone tools for tasks that are not host specific.
Tools menu