Finding out which Name Servers are authoritative for a domain

InternetPeriscope can help you find out which nameservers are authoritative for a zone by using DNS. This is called looking up an NS record.

Sometimes DNS Administrators do not correctly setup their NS records. It is recommended that you also use the Whois Tool to find out which name servers are authoritative for a zone.

For this example, we will determine which nameservers are authoritative for Note that we are looking up the NS records for (a second level domain [SLD]), and not It is recommended that you only look up NS records for SLDs, unless you have advanced knowledge of DNS.

To bring up the DNS Tool, click on the "Tools" menu, move your mouse over the "DNS" menu item, and click on "DNS Query...", as shown in the figure.
Tools menu

In the figure below, the user has entered "" into the "query string" text box. She has clicked on the "NS Record" radio button. She then clicks on the "Send Query" button.
NS Record

After a few moments, the DNS Results dialog appears, telling us that and are the authoritative nameservers for
Authoritative Results