Finding out what RPC services your Unix machines are running

InternetPeriscope enables you to query the Sun RPC Portmapper service to determine what RPC Services are running.

Before you can query the Portmapper service, you must first add the machine to the console.

Then, right click on the machine's icon, move your mouse over the "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" menu, and then click on the "Query Sun RPC Portmapper Service...(for Unix machines)" menu item, as shown in the Figure.
RPC menu

After a few moments, a dialog will pop up displaying that machine's RPC services.
RPC services list

This dialog displays the following:

  • A Program Number. Each RPC service is assigned a unique Program Number. In this example, the nlockmgr service is assigned the Program Number 100021.
  • A Version Number. RPC Services have revision numbers like any other kind of software. The first version of an RPC Service is usually "1", the second version "2", etc. Note that in the figure above, that there are multiple versions of the nlockmgr service. This is done for backward compatibility. An older client program, written for version 1 of the nlockmgr service (and written before version 2, 3, or 4 were available), will request version 1 of the nlockmgr service. Newer client software will request version 4 of the software. In this way, client software that uses this RPC service does not have to be upgraded (re-written) each time the RPC service software is upgraded.
  • The transport protocols that a client can use to connect to this service. In this example, udp and tcp are displayed. TCP is a connection-oriented transport layer protocol. UDP is a connectionless transport layer protocol. See "Finding out what TCP/IP services your remote host is running" for more information on TCP and UDP.
  • The port number used by the transport protocol. See "Finding out what Internet (TCP/IP) Services your remote host is running" and "Finding out what an Internet Service does (TCP/IP Ports and Descriptions)" for more information.
  • The name of the service.