Getting a list of Users from your Windows machines

InternetPeriscope allows you to view a list of user accounts on a remote Windows machine using NetBT.

Before you can get a list of users, you must first add the machine to the console.

Then, right click on the machine's icon, move your mouse over the "NetBT (NetBios over TCP/IP)" menu, and then click on the "Get list of users" menu item, as shown in the Figure.
NetBT Menu

If you are not currently logged in to the remote machine or it's domain, you will see the message shown in the figure.

Click on the OK button to see the login dialog.
OK Button

Enter your username and password, and click on OK. Note: this dialog can also be used to check for the "Null Session Vulnerability". After a few moments, a dialog will appear, displaying the local user accounts that have been created on that machine.
Enter username