Determining what type of Mail Server a host is running

InternetPeriscope can help you determine what type and version of Mail (SMTP) Server is running on a remote host.

To find out what kind of Mail Server a host is running, click on the Tools menu, move your mouse over the "Fingerprint" menu item, and click on "Mail Server" as shown in the Figure below.
Fingerprint Menu

A dialog will appear prompting you for host's domain name or IP address.

Enter the host's name, and press OK. In the Figure below, the user has entered the domain name "". If you are unsure which host(s) receive email for your domain you can use InternetPeriscope's DNS Tool to find out which hosts receive email for your domain.
Enter host's name

After a few moments, InternetPeriscope will display the name of the host's Mail Server, as shown below.
Show Mail Server
This dialog shows that the host is running Sendmail version 8.9.0.

InternetPeriscope "asks" the mail server what version it is running. In the dialog box, there is a section titled "What the server 'said'". This section shows the full text that the mail server sent to InternetPeriscope.