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YACYeast Artficial Chromosome; an artificial chromosome which includes telomeres and centromeres. A scientist can insert DNA (as many as 1 million bases) into the artificial chromosome, and put it into a Yeast cell. This is useful in various cloning experimenets.Cloning, Centromere, Telomere, BAC
YeastA unicellular, eukaryotic (has a nucleus and organelles) fungus. Yeast can reproduce using haploid (unpaired chromosomes) or diploid (paired chromosomes) cells. The capability of reproducing via haploid cells makes them a useful organism for the study of recessive genetic traits. Yeast are very self-sufficient organisms, capable of producing many biochemicals if they are not present in the environment. Mutant yeast colonies which are incapable of producing particular biochemicals are good candidates for the study of biochemical pathways.Eukaryote, Fungus, Genetics

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