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XenotropicA virus is "Xenotropic" if it is produced in one species (which it cannot infect), but infects other species. "Xeno" means foreign, and "tropic" refers to growth. XMRV is an example of a Xenotropic virus.Viral Tropism, XMRV, Amphitropic, Ecotropic
XGALSubstance used for investigating the Lac Operon. XGAL cannot induce the Lac Operon, but it is a substrate for Beta-Galactosidase, and turns blue when it is broken down by Beta-Galactosidase. This enabled biochemists to study the Lac Operon with a substance that didn't induce the Lac Operon, but was a substrate for the Lac Operon (Lactose is both an inducer and substrate of the Lac Operon). Because it turns blue when broken down, this substance helped biochemists find Constitutive Mutants that always produced Beta-Galactosidase even when Lactose was not present.Lac Operon, IPTG, Constitutive Mutants

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