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FibroblastA cell used in connective tissue.Cell
FocusA biologist studying cancer performs the following experiment. She puts normal cells into a petri dish, and exposes the petri dish to some kind of mutagen. The mutagen "transforms" some of the cells into cancer cells. These cancerous cells, which grow and divide in spite of contact inhibition, form "foci" which are easily visible in the petri dish. These foci are multi-layered, in contrast to the normal cells which form a single layer of cells on the bottom of the petri dish, and then stop growing and dividing due to contact inhibition.Transform, Cancer, Contact Inhibition
Frequency of Non-Parental TypesA statistic used by Geneticists as a measure of Recombination Rate. Cross two individuals, count the number of offspring who have phenotypes indicating that they received a chromosome that has undergone Genetic Recombination. Divide this number by the total number of children to get the Frquency of Non-Parental Types. The terms "Recombination Rate" and "Frequency of Non-Parental Types" are sometimes used interchangeably.Genetic Maps, Genetic Recombination, Non-Parental Type

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