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List of Banks that have names that begin with 'Z'

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Routing NumberNew Routing NumberBank NameAddressCityStateZipACH Services TelephoneDate Of Last Revision
114923756 ZAPATA NATIONAL BANKP O DRAWER 100ZAPATATX78076-0100(956) 765-4302060509
114910222 ZAVALA COUNTY BANK2300 US HWY 83 NCRYSTAL CITYTX78839-0000(830) 374-5866070109
124000054 ZB, N.A. DBA ZIONS BANK2200 SOUTH 3270 WESTWEST VALLEY CITYUT84119-0000(801) 974-8800020316
102003154 ZB, NA DBA VECTRA BANK2200 S 3270 WWEST VALLEY CITYUT84119-0000(888) 315-2271062016
272078323272477694ZEAL CREDIT UNION1351 EAST JEFFERSONDETROITMI48207-3175(313) 259-5700090814
272078417272477694ZEAL CREDIT UNIONP. O. BOX 51700LIVONIAMI48151-0000(734) 522-3700090814
272476378 ZEAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 51700LIVONIAMI48151-0000(734) 522-3700092614
272477694 ZEAL CREDIT UNIONP..O. BOX 51700LIVONIAMI48151-0000(734) 522-3700090814
272482773272477694ZEAL CREDIT UNIONP. O. BOX 51700LIVONIAMI48151-3792(734) 522-3700090814
272484218272477694ZEAL CREDIT UNIONP. O. BOX 51700LIVONIAMI48151-0000(734) 522-3700090814
265473812 ZELLCO FCU520 AVE VBOGALUSALA70427-0000(985) 732-7522082307
307084240 ZIA CREDIT UNIONP.O. BOX 490LOS ALAMOSNM87544-0000(505) 662-4671030707
124101128 ZIONS FIRST NATIONAL BANK2200 S 3270 W CC0914WEST VALLEY CITYUT84119-0000(888) 315-2271031412
124301850124000054ZIONS FIRST NATIONAL BANK2200 S 3270 W CC0914WEST VALLEY CITYUT84119-0000(888) 315-2271031412
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(This data was last updated from the Federal Reserve on 6/22/2016) 

This data was downloaded from the Federal Reserve at https://www.frbservices.org/EPaymentsDirectory

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