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FDA Drug Application 202207 by NAVIDEA BIOPHARMS

Application Number202207
Application Type New Drug Application
Most Recent Label Available Flag
Current Patent Flag
Action Type Approval
Chemical Type New molecular entity (NME)
Therapeutic Potential Standard
Orphan Code 

Action TypeDuplicate CounterAction DateDocument TypeApplication Document IDSequence NumberDocument TitleDocument URLDocument Date
AP03/13/2013N35452000 3/15/2013
AP03/13/2013N35464000 3/15/2013
AP03/13/2013N35761000 4/22/2013
AP03/13/2013N35762000 4/22/2013
AP06/13/2014SE839562001 6/17/2014
AP06/13/2014SE839577001 6/18/2014
AP010/14/2014SE840779002 10/15/2014
AP010/14/2014SE840794002 10/16/2014

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