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Banks in the state of NM

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Routing NumberNew Routing NumberBank NameAddressCityStateZipACH Services TelephoneDate Of Last Revision
102103708107000440FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SANTA FE2020 ROSINA STSANTA FENM87505-0000(505) 992-2000052714
102104587102206728FOUR CORNERS COMMUNITY BANKSUITE 101FARMINGTONNM87401-0000(505) 327-3222021014
102106844102200245INTERNATIONAL BANK200 SOUTH SECONDRATONNM87740-1028(575) 445-2321041111
102200245 INTERNATIONAL BANK200 SOUTH SECONDRATONNM87740-1028(505) 445-2321032812
102201040 FNB NEW MEXICO201 MAIN ST/ PO BOX 548CLAYTONNM88415-0548(575) 374-8315042715
102201710 FARMERS & STOCKMENS BANK22 MAPLE STREETCLAYTONNM88415-0000(575) 374-8301011811
102201930 BANK OF NEW MEXICO824 W SANTA FE AVEGRANTSNM87020-3614(505) 285-6611072114
102202078 CITIZENS BANK OF FARMINGTON500 W. BROADWAYFARMINGTONNM87401-0000(505) 599-0100092013
102206728 FOUR CORNERS COMMUNITY BANKSUITE 101FARMINGTONNM87401-0000(505) 327-3222081810
102207439 FOUR CORNERS COMMUNITY BANKSUITE 101FARMINGTONNM87401-0000(505) 327-3222081810
107000372 SOUTHWEST CAPITAL BANKPO BOX 3210LAS VEGASNM87701-0000(505) 425-7565100512
107000440 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SANTA FE2020 ROSINA STSANTA FENM87505-0000(505) 992-2000081211
107000466307072443CENTURY BANKP.O. BOX 1507SANTA FENM87504-0000(505) 995-1200021715
107001012 LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL BANK1200 TRINITY DRIVELOS ALAMOSNM87544-0000(505) 662-5171011315
107001261 CENTINEL BANK OF TAOS512 PASEO DEL PUEBLO SURTAOSNM87571-0000(575) 758-6700050914
107002008 COMMUNITY 1ST BANK LAS VEGAS600 DOUGLAS AVELAS VEGASNM87701-0000(505) 425-7584040612
107002723 MAIN BANKPO BOX 36630ALBUQUERQUENM87176-0000(505) 880-1700110609
107006253 MY BANK394 RIO COMMUNITIES BLVDBELENNM87002-0000(505) 864-3301071911
107006486107002723MAIN BANKPO BOX 36630ALBUQUERQUENM87176-0000(505) 880-1700121412
107006677112200439FIRST NATIONAL BANK303 W. MAINARTESIANM88210-2140(575) 528-7918040512
107006732102201930BANK OF NEW MEXICO824 W SANTA FE AVEGRANTSNM87020-0000(505) 285-6611072114
107089584 SANDIA AREA FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 18044ALBUQUERQUENM87185-0000(505) 292-6343100114
107089720 SANDIA LABS FCU ( SECONDARY RTN)3707 JUAN TABO BLVD NEALBUQUERQUENM87111-0000(505) 293-0500031414
107089843 CENTURY BANK2108 WARNER AVESANTE FENM87505-0000(505) 424-2859050610
111308277 CITIZENS BANK211 E. MAINTUCUMCARINM88401-0000(806) 350-5600052114
112200439 FIRST AMERICAN BANK223 E IDAHOLAS CRUCESNM88005-0000(575) 528-7918112715
112200824 WESTERN BANK140 E. MOTEL DRIVELORDSBURGNM88045-0000(575) 542-3521060209
112201218 CITIZENS BANKP O BOX 1629CLOVISNM88101-1629(575) 769-1911042414
112201289 CITIZENS BANK OF LAS CRUCES505 S MAIN STLAS CRUCESNM88001-1206(575) 647-4117070114
112201797 CARLSBAD NATIONAL BANK202 W STEVENSCARLSBADNM88220-1359(575) 234-2500062609
112201836 LEA COUNTY STATE BANK1017 N TURNERHOBBSNM88240-0000(575) 397-6640050510
112201959 FIRST STATE BANK103 MANZANARESSOCORRONM87801-0000(575) 835-8233051308
112201975 CITIZENS BK, DIV. CITIZENS BK CLAUDE211 E. MAIN STREETTUCUCMARINM88401-0000(575) 461-1261050410
112201988 WESTERN BANK320 WEST TEXAS AVENUEARTESIANM88210-0000(575) 748-1345051208
112202123 FIRST NATIONAL BANK414 TENTH STREETALAMOGORDONM88310-0000(575) 437-4880050813
112202372 FIRST NEW MEXICO BANK300 S GOLDDEMINGNM88030-0000(575) 546-2691050710
112202660 WESTERN BANK OF CLOVIS901 PILE STCLOVISNM88101-0000(575) 769-1975050714
112203038 WESTERN BANK500-9TH STREETALAMOGORDONM88310-0000(575) 443-5000060412
112203122 VALLEY BANK OF COMMERCE217 W. 2ND ST.ROSWELLNM88201-0000(575) 623-2265062012
112204286112202123FIRST NATIONAL BANK414 TENTH STREETALAMOGORDONM88310-0000(575) 437-4880072511
112205340 FIRST NEW MEXICO BANK OF SILVER CITYP O BOX 2798SILVER CITYNM88062-2798(505) 388-3121031907
112205764107000440FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SANTA FE2020 ROSINA STSANTA FENM87505-0000(505) 992-2000052714
112206297 BANK OF THE SOUTHWEST226 NORTH MAINROSWELLNM88201-0000(575) 627-2320051111
112206459 FIRST AMERICAN BANK303 W MAINARTESIANM88210-0000(800) 289-6140111014
112206763 WESTERN HERITAGE BANK230 S. ALAMEDALAS CRUCESNM88005-0000(575) 541-0058052714
112206776 THE BANK OF CLOVIS300 MAIN STCLOVISNM88101-0000(575) 769-9000052209
112206792 AMERICAN HERITAGE BANK3300 N PRINCECLOVISNM88102-0000(575) 762-2800072110
112207209 CITIZENS BANK OF LAS CRUCES505 S MAIN STREETLAS CRUCESNM88001-0000(575) 647-4148061109
112207335 FIRST NEW MEXICO BANK, LAS CRUCES3000 EAST LOHMAN AVENUELAS CRUCESNM88011-0000(575) 556-3000020808
112207403 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SANTA FE2020 ROSINA STSANTA FENM87505-0000(505) 992-2000052714
122106251312270324BANK '34500 10TH STREETALAMOGORDONM88310-6768(575) 443-2554032715
302283994 BAB CREDIT UNION503 NE AZTEC BLVD.AZTECNM87410-0000(505) 334-3074041406
302284032 CUBA CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 1660CUBANM87013-0000(575) 289-3763102014
302284058 ANIMAS CREDIT UNION2101 E 20TH STREETFARMINGTONNM87401-0000(505) 326-7701032404
302284087302284058ANIMAS CREDIT UNION2101 E 20TH STREETFARMINGTONNM87401-0000(505) 326-7701050310
302284090 FOUR CORNERS FEDERAL CU16 CR 6500KIRTLANDNM87417-0000(505) 598-3960030714
302284171 JEMEZ VALLEY CUP O BOX 120JEMEZ SPRINGSNM87025-0000(575) 829-3366082515
302284281 QUESTA CREDIT UNION2433 HIGHWAY 522QUESTANM87556-0000(575) 586-0423112309
307070047 SANDIA AREA FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 18044ALBUQUERQUENM87185-0000(505) 292-6343040512
307072443 CENTURY BANKP.O. BOX 1507SANTA FENM87504-0000(505) 995-1200040411
307083652 U.S. EAGLE FCUP O BOX 129ALBUQUERQUENM87103-0129(505) 342-8890032415
307083665 NUSENDA FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONP.O. BOX 8530ALBUQUERQUENM87198-0000(505) 889-7755021815
307083678 RIO GRANDE CREDIT UNION310 RIO BRAVO BLVD SEALBUQUERQUENM87105-0000(505) 262-1401012811
307083843307083678RIO GRANDE CREDIT UNION310 RIO BRAVO BLVD SEALBUQUERQUENM87105-0000(505) 262-1401121712
307083872 SOUTHWEST FEDERAL CREDIT UNION8111 HARPER RD.ALBUQUERQUENM87111-0000(505) 243-6751040913
307083911 SANDIA LAB FCU3707 JUAN TABO NEALBUQUERQUENM87111-1003(505) 293-0500071894
307084004 BELEN RAILWAY EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION222 N 4TH STREETBELENNM87002-0000(505) 864-4740101609
307084211 DEL NORTE CREDIT UNION3286 CERRILLOS ROADSANTA FENM87507-0000(505) 455-5228021414
307084237 LOS ALAMOS SCHOOLS CREDIT UNION1900 DIAMOND DRIVELOS ALAMOSNM87544-0000(505) 662-3421032707
307084240 ZIA CREDIT UNIONP.O. BOX 490LOS ALAMOSNM87544-0000(505) 662-4671030707
307084347 GUADALUPE CREDIT UN3721 ACADEMY RDSANTA FENM87507-0000(505) 982-8942041013
307084415 NORTHERN NM SCHOOL EMPLOYEES FCU614 ALTA VISTA ST.SANTA FENM87505-0000(505) 982-3802012012
307084431 STATE EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION813 ST. MICHAELS'S DRIVESANTA FENM87505-0000(505) 954-3477011808
307087616307083665NUSENDA FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 8530ALBUQUERQUENM87198-0000(505) 889-5152021015
312270010 OTERO FCU813 TENTH STREETALAMOGORDONM88310-0000(575) 434-8500061109
312270023 CANNON FCUP O BOX 2080CLOVISNM88102-0000(575) 742-3735052714
312270324 BANK'34500 10TH STREETALAMOGORDONM88310-6768(575) 443-2554052114
312270463 PIONEER BANK3000 NORTH MAINROSWELLNM88201-0000(575) 624-5200033010
312270476 TUCUMCARI FED. S&L301 S 1ST ST.TUCUMCARINM88401-0000(575) 461-0191052912
312276030 LOCO CREDIT UNIONBOX 1743ALAMOGORDONM88311-0000(575) 437-3110060209
312276072 ARTESIA CREDIT UNION210 NORTH 5TH, P.O. BOX 406ARTESIANM88211-0000(575) 748-9779071610
312276085307083694FIRST FINANCIAL CREDIT UNION601 TIJERAS AVENUE NWALBUQUERQUENM87102-0000(505) 766-5600060115
312276108 FINANCIAL SECURITY CREDIT UNION1105 W. PIERCE STREETCARLSBADNM88220-0000(575) 887-6030052708
312276111 U-1ST COMMUNITY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION601 N CANAL STCARLSBADNM88220-0000(575) 887-1785071609
312276124 EDDY FCU909 W. PIERCECARLSBADNM88220-0000(575) 887-1784083112
312276182 HIGH PLAINS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION101 SOUTH MAINCLOVISNM88101-0000(575) 935-2020042914
312276247 FORT BAYARD FEDERAL CREDIT UNION11797 HWY 180 EARENAS VALLEYNM88022-0000(575) 534-8888030912
312276289 ESTACADO FEDERAL CREDIT UNION2220 N. DAL PASOHOBBSNM88240-0000(575) 393-1596032014
312276331312276289ESTACADO FEDERAL CREDIT UNION2220 N. DAL PASOHOBBSNM88240-0000(575) 393-1596120114
312276360 CHAVES COUNTY SCHOOL EMPLOYEE C U1401 N LEAROSWELLNM88201-5038(575) 623-5444060309
312276409 ROSWELL COMMUNITY FEDERAL CR UNION2514 N MAIN STROSWELLNM88201-0000(575) 623-7788060612
312276412 TELCO ROSWELL NM FCU110 N WASHINGTON AVEROSWELLNM88203-0000(575) 622-4444070511
312276454 EVERYONES'S FCU505 EAST RT 66 BLVDTUCUMCARINM88401-0000(575) 461-0433081508
312276470 WHITE SANDS FCUP O BOX 99LAS CRUCESNM88004-0000(575) 647-4500052710
312293505 THE FLORIST FCU404 N. KENTUCKY AVENUEROSWELLNM88201-0000(575) 622-0560061312
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(This data was last updated from the Federal Reserve on 10/19/2016) 

This data was downloaded from the Federal Reserve at https://www.frbservices.org/EPaymentsDirectory

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