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Banks in the state of HI

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Routing NumberNew Routing NumberBank NameAddressCityStateZipACH Services TelephoneDate Of Last Revision
121301015 FIRST HAWAIIAN BANKP.O. BOX 1959HONOLULUHI96805-0000(808) 844-3402021417
121301028 BANK OF HAWAIIPO BOX 2900 - ACH OPS 121HONOLULUHI96846-0000(888) 643-3888122410
121301057 AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK FSBPO BOX 2300HONOLULUHI96804-2300(808) 627-6439062912
121301578 CENTRAL PACIFIC BANK222 NORTH SCHOOL STREETHONOLULUHI96817-0000(808) 544-5530092910
121302247 BANK OF THE ORIENT (BK OF HONOLULU)765 BISHOP STREETHONOLULUHI96813-0000(808) 543-3744072007
121302292 BANK OF HAWAII TRUSTPO BOX 2900 - ACH OPS 121HONOLULUHI96846-0000(888) 643-3888122410
121302360 OHANA PACIFIC BANK1357 KAPIOLANI BLVD SUITE 102HONOLULUHI96814-0000(808) 237-6528112311
121302373 BANK OF THE FSM2615 SOUTH KING ST. SUITE A-203HONOLULUHI96826-0000(808) 941-1226082714
121403065 FIRST HAWAIIAN BANK SAIPANP.O. BOX 1959HONOLULUHI96805-0000(808) 844-3402060116
121404006121301028BANK OF HAWAII AMERICAN SAMOAPO BOX 2900 - ACH OPS 121HONOLULUHI96846-0000(888) 643-3888122410
121405018 BANK OF HAWAII GUAMPO BOX 2900 - ACH OPS 121HONOLULUHI96846-0000(888) 643-3888122410
121405238 FIRST HAWAIIAN BANK GUAMP.O. BOX 1959HONOLULUHI96805-0000(808) 844-3402060116
321370707 TERRITORIAL SAVINGS BANK1132 BISHOP STREET SUITE 2308HONOLULUHI96813-0000(808) 946-1400121411
321370765 AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK FSBPO BOX 2300HONOLULUHI96804-2300(808) 627-6439062912
321371528 WEST OAHU COMMUNITY FCUSUITE B-205WAIANAEHI96792-0000(808) 748-4106062512
321378592 MC BRYDE FCUPO BX 477ELEELEHI96705-0000(808) 335-3365062112
321378602 EWA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION91-1202A RENTON ROADEWA BEACHHI96706-0000(808) 681-3033072908
321378644 BIG ISLAND FEDERAL CREDIT UNION66 LONO STREETHILOHI96720-4144(808) 935-9778121411
321378657 HAWAII COUNTY EFCU131 PUUHONU WAYHILOHI96720-2067(808) 935-2969061098
321378660 HFS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION632 KINOOLE STHILOHI96720-3894(808) 930-1400071509
321378673 HELCO FED CUPO BOX 1027 AVEHILOHI96720-1027(808) 969-0101073098
321378699 HAWAIIUSA FCU1226 COLLEGE WALKHONOLULUHI96817-0000(808) 844-8185120115
321378709 CU HAWAII FEDERAL CREDIT UNION476 HINANO STREETHILOHI96720-4407(808) 933-6700062310
321378738321378660HFS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION632 KINOOLE STHILOHI96720-3894(808) 930-1400050216
321378741 HOTEL AND TRAVEL INDUSTRY FCU1600 KAPIOLANI BLVD SUITE 110HONOLULUHI96814-3800(808) 942-5115110409
321378783 HAWAIIAN TEL FEDERAL CREDIT UNION1138 NORTH KING STHONOLULUHI96817-0000(808) 832-8700110716
321378958 HAWAIIAN AIRLINES FCUPO BOX 30065HONOLULUHI96820-0000(808) 835-3344100199
321378990 HAWAII CENTRAL FEDERAL CREDIT UNION681 S KING STHONOLULUHI96813-0000(808) 536-3677020216
321379012 HAWAII FEDERAL CREDIT UNION1244 KAUMUALII STHONOLULUHI96817-0000(808) 847-1371110215
321379025 HAWAII NATIONAL GUARD FCUP. O. BOX 10815HONOLULUHI96816-0000(808) 737-5714032316
321379041 HAWAII STATE FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 3072HONOLULUHI96802-3072(808) 587-2700082911
321379067 HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC EFCU770 KAPIOLANI BLVD #514HONOLULUHI96813-5258(808) 543-7581060414
321379070 HAWAIIAN TEL FCU1138 NORTH KING STHONOLULUHI96817-0000(808) 832-8700051614
321379083 HAWAII FEDERAL CREDIT UNION1244 KAUMUALII STHONOLULUHI96817-0000(808) 847-1371070612
321379106 HICKAM FEDERAL CUPO BOX 30025HONOLULUHI96820-0025(808) 440-5302080508
321379122 HONEA FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONBUILDING 223FT SHAFTERHI96858-3900(808) 841-2473060704
321379148 ALOHA PACIFIC FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONSUITE 380HONOLULUHI96816-0000(808) 539-0238070714
321379151 HONOLULU FIRE DEPT FCU1200 NORTH SCHOOL STHONOLULUHI96817-2013(808) 853-2355072605
321379164 HONOLULU FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONRM-G101HONOLULUHI96814-0000(808) 687-8504062314
321379180 HONOLULU POLICE FCU1537 YOUNG STREET 3RD FLHONOLULUHI96826-0000(808) 447-2200080108
321379261 KAMEHAMEHA FEDERAL CR UNSUITE 116HONOLULUHI96817-0000(808) 842-9660061113
321379290 KUAKINI MEDICAL CENTER FCU1703 LILIHA STHONOLULUHI96817-0000(808) 687-6280052814
321379313 LEAHI FEDERAL CREDIT UNION3675 KILAUEA AVENUEHONOLULUHI96816-0000(808) 733-7900070203
321379339 LOCAL UNION 1186 IBEW FCU1935 HAU STREET ROOM 300HONOLULUHI96819-0000(808) 848-1599020705
321379355 MCCABE HAMILTON & RENNY FCUPO BOX 210HONOLULUHI96810-0210(808) 533-4567071405
321379410 HAWAIIUSA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION1226 COLLEGE WALKHONOLULUHI96817-0000(808) 844-8188061616
321379436 OAHU FEDERAL CREDIT UNION2219 PAUOA RDHONOLULUHI96813-9512(808) 521-6727091611
321379449 HAWAII SCHOOLS FCU233 VINEYARD STREETHONOLULUHI96813-0000(808) 521-0302071812
321379504 HAWAII CENTRAL FEDERAL CREDIT UNION681 S KING STHONOLULUHI96813-0000(808) 536-3677020216
321379546 HAWAII PACIFIC FCU1441 KAPIOLANI BLVD STE 1318HONOLULUHI96814-4406(808) 955-5933061507
321379588 ST. FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER FCU2230 LILIHA STREETHONOLULUHI96817-1699(808) 547-6229033001
321379630 TIMES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION3375 KOAPAKA ST #D106HONOLULUHI96819-1862(808) 831-0986011102
321379656 UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII FCUPO BOX 22070HONOLULUHI96823-2070(808) 983-5500082510
321379685 MOLOKAI COMMUNITY FCU135 PUALI PLACEKAUNAKAKAIHI96748-0000(808) 553-5328032116
321379698 KAHUKU FCUP O BOX 245KAHUKUHI96731-0245(808) 293-9063050107
321379708 VALLEY ISLE COMMUNITY FCU160 PA'AHANA STKAHULUIHI96732-0000(808) 877-3232070714
321379711 KAHULUI FEDERAL CREDIT UNION25 KAMEHAMEHA AVEKAHULUIHI96732-2294(808) 871-7705051498
321379724 MAUI FEDERAL CREDIT UNION107 EAST WAKEA AVENUEKAHULUIHI96732-0000(808) 873-5050061104
321379737 MAUI TEACHERS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION2145 WELLS STREET SUITE 101WAILUKUHI96793-0000(808) 242-2997081208
321379753 HAWAII FIRST FEDERAL CREDIT UNION67-1187 MAMALAHOA HWYKAMUELAHI96743-0000(808) 885-7349070314
321379795 MOLOKAI COMMUNITY FCU135 PUALI PLACEKAUNAKAKAIHI96748-1888(808) 553-5328012012
321379805 HFS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION (PUNA FCU)632 KINOOLE STREETHILOHI96720-3894(808) 930-1400071509
321379818 HAWAII COMMUNITY FCU73-5611 OLOWALU STREETKAILUA KONAHI96740-0000(808) 930-7700030112
321379821 KEKAHA FCU8254 KEKAHA ROADKEKAHAHI96752-0609(808) 337-1433081402
321379834 GARDEN ISLAND FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 148KOLOAHI96756-0148(808) 742-6733040113
321379847 KULA COMMUNITY FCU137 KALEPA PLACEKAHULUIHI96732-0000(808) 871-7710060513
321379863 LAHAINA FCUSUITE 102LAHAINAHI96761-0000(808) 877-3232070714
321379876 WEST MAUI COMMUNITY FCU270 LAHAINALUNA ROADLAHAINAHI96761-1424(808) 661-4825052814
321379902 KAUAI COMMUNITY FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 1447LIHUEHI96766-1447(808) 245-6791051298
321379915 KAUAI GOVERNMENT EFCUPO BOX 711LIHUEHI96766-0711(808) 245-2463070312
321379928 KAUAI TEACHERS FCU2969 UMI STREETLIHUEHI96766-1345(808) 245-3753051598
321379931 GARDEN ISLAND FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 1165LIHUEHI96766-1165(808) 245-2712061113
321379944 CU HAWAII FEDERAL CREDIT UNION476 HINANO STREETHILOHI96720-0000(808) 933-6700040212
321380001 HAMAKUA COAST COMMUNITY FCU28-490 KAAKEPA STPEPEEKEOHI96783-0000(808) 964-5566080812
321380014321379041HAWAII STATE FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 3072HONOLULUHI96802-0000(808) 587-2700040114
321380027 SCHOFIELD FCUBLDG 699SCHOFIELD BKSHI96857-0000(808) 624-9884061114
321380043 WAIALUA FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 800WAIALUAHI96791-0800(808) 637-5980070208
321380072 MAUI COUNTY EFCU1888 WILI PA LOOPWAILUKUHI96793-1272(808) 244-7968061807
321380085 WAILUKU FEDERAL CREDIT UNION133 MA'A STREETKAHULUIHI96732-0000(808) 442-8053071414
321380098 KULIA OHANA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION240 LEPOKO PLACEWAILUKUHI96793-0000(808) 877-3232063011
321380315 WINDWARD COMMUNITY FCU6699 MOKAPU ROADKAILUAHI96734-0000(808) 254-3566072808
321380328 PEARL HAWAII FEDERAL CREDIT UNION94-449 UKEE STREETWAIPAHUHI96797-0000(808) 218-6233070115
321381233 FINANCE FACTORS, LTD.1164 BISHOP STREETHONOLULUHI96813-2810(808) 548-3380072012
321381644 PLUMBERS & FITTERS LOCAL 675 FCU1109 BETHEL STREET LOWER LEVELHONOLULUHI96813-0000(808) 537-9135011910
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(This data was last updated from the Federal Reserve on 3/22/2017) 

This data was downloaded from the Federal Reserve at https://www.frbservices.org/EPaymentsDirectory

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