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Banks in the state of AK

Routing NumberNew Routing NumberBank NameAddressCityStateZipACH Services TelephoneDate Of Last Revision
125200044 FIRST BANKP O BOX 7920KETCHIKANAK99901-2920(907) 228-4206092809
125200060 FIRST NATIONAL BANK ALASKA1753 GAMBELL ST SUITE 316ANCHORAGEAK99501-0000(907) 777-3720062207
125200905125200934NORTHRIM BANKPO BOX 241489ANCHORAGEAK99524-1489(907) 261-4693120414
125200921 DENALI STATE BANK119 NORTH CUSHMANFAIRBANKSAK99701-0000(907) 458-4203060513
125200934 NORTHRIM BANKPO BOX 241489ANCHORAGEAK99524-1489(907) 261-4693050517
125200950 DENALI STATE BANK119 NORTH CUSHMANFAIRBANKSAK99701-0000(907) 458-4203090106
322270796 ALASKA USA FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 196613ANCHORAGEAK99519-6613(907) 786-2786090809
322283592 ALASKA USA FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 196613ANCHORAGEAK99519-6613(907) 786-2786012510
325081623 ALASKA USA FEDERAL CREDIT UNIONPO BOX 196613ANCHORAGEAK99519-6613(907) 786-2786120110
325270049125200934NORTHRIM BANKPO BOX 241489ANCHORAGEAK99524-1489(907) 261-4693120414
325271268 MT MCKINLEY BANK500 4TH AVEFAIRBANKSAK99701-0000(907) 492-1751032818
325272021 ALASKA USA FCUP.O. BOX 196613ANCHORAGEAK99519-6613(800) 525-9094091713
325272034 ALASKA DISTRICT ENGINEERS FCU2204 THIRD STREET ROOM 10EAFBAK99506-0000(907) 753-5118111809
325272047 DENALI FEDERAL CREDIT UNION440 EAST 36TH AVENUEANCHORAGEAK99503-4136(907) 257-7255050216
325272050325272047DENALI FEDERAL CREDIT UNION440 E 36TH AVEANCHORAGEAK99503-0000(907) 257-7239050216
325272063 CREDIT UNION 11941 ABBOTT RDANCHORAGEAK99507-3448(907) 339-8191061306
325272115325272063CREDIT UNION 11941 ABBOTT RDANCHORAGEAK99507-3448(907) 339-8186061306
325272199 ALASKA USA FCU (EIELSON FCU)PO BOX 196613ANCHORAGEAK99519-0000(907) 786-2786110305
325272209 MAC FEDERAL CU541 10TH AVENUEFAIRBANKSAK99701-0000(907) 356-1253070218
325272212 SPIRIT OF ALASKA FCU1417 GILLAM WAYFAIRBANKSAK99701-0000(907) 459-5900080108
325272225 CREDIT UNION ONE1941 ABBOTT RDANCHORAGEAK99507-3448(907) 339-8186061306
325272270 TRUE NORTH FEDERAL CREDIT UNION2777 POSTAL WAYJUNEAUAK99801-0000(907) 523-4733061114
325272306 TONGASS FCU2000 TONGASS AVENUEKETCHIKANAK99901-6431(907) 225-9063062207
325272335 MATANUSKA VALLEY FCU1020 S BAILEY STPALMERAK99645-6924(907) 761-4643060414
325272351 ALPS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION401 HAILBUT POINT ROADSITKAAK99835-0000(907) 747-6417062712
325272377325272063CREDIT UNION ONE (WARD COVE FCU)1941 ABBOTT RDANCHORAGEAK99507-3448(907) 339-8186061306
325280039 MAC FEDERAL CREDIT UNION541 10TH AVENUEFAIRBANKSAK99701-0000(907) 356-1253070218

(This data was last updated from the Federal Reserve on 12/2/2018) 

This data was downloaded from the Federal Reserve at https://www.frbservices.org/EPaymentsDirectory

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