How to Create a Fourier Series in Excel with DownloadGT

  • First, download and install DownloadGT.

  • Click on the DownloadGT item in the Microsoft Excel Ribbon.

    Click on DownloadGT in the Excel Ribbon

  • Using your mouse, select a column of numbers in Excel.

    Select a column of numbers in Excel.

  • Click on the "Fourier Series" button in the DownloadGT Ribbon.

    Click on Fourier Series Button

  • DownloadGT will create a new sheet containing your original Data, and an approximation of the data using Fourier Series.

    If you enter a number in the "X Value" cell (cell "D5"), the spreadsheet will calculate the "Y Value" based on the Fourier Series Formula.

    The topmost graph shows your original data plotted against the Fourier Approximation of your data.

    The second graph shows a plot of the amplitudes of the Fourier Series. Large amplititudes in the graph indicate strong periodic cycles in your data.

    Fourier Analysis in Spreadsheet