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Game Instructions

Checkers is played by two, on the same board that is used for chess, with pieces in the form of disks. These pieces are called checkers or draughts. All the checkers are alike in form, but come in one of two colors, red or black One player moves the black pieces, and the other moves the red.

All pieces stand and move solely on the black squares. Initially, all pieces are 'single men', but may become 'kings' as described below.

Black moves first, and thereafter the pieces move alternately. A player loses the game when she cannot move in turn. Usually, this is because all of her pieces have been captured, but this may also happen if all of her pieces are immobilized. Many games are drawn by agreement, when few pieces remain and neither player has an advantage sufficient to win.

NONCAPTURING MOVE: A single man may move only forward on the dark diagonal, one square at a time (when not capturing).

CAPTURING MOVE: The capturing move is a jump. If a red piece sits forward and adjacent to a black piece, and the black square behind the red piece in the same line is empty, the black piece may jump over the red piece into the empty square and remove the red piece from the board. If a piece makes a capture, and lands on a square from which it can make another capture, it continues jumping in the same turn. It may change direction during the jumps, but only forward if it is a single man.

If a player can make a capturing move, she MUST do so. She may not make a noncapturing move. If she has a choice between several captures in the same move, she has free choice.

CROWNING: The row of squares furthest from the player's starting rows is her king row. If one of her single men reaches this row, it becomes a 'king'. The king has the same powers as a single man, but it can also move backward as well as forward. Moves in both directions may be combined in a series of jumps. However, if a single man reaches the king row via a capture, he may not continue to make jumps in that turn.

This game was written using Silverlight and C#